G.A.B. – “Clean North” (ft King Au)

Connecticut’s own G.A.B. drops his spanking new banger, “Clean North” featuring King Au. The single is available for download via iTunes and other major digital download stores. With King Au on the hook, G.A.B. gives us in detail the difference between Clean North vs the Dirty South…or is there some other hidden reference…can you find it! The spotlessly produced anthem “Clean North” was written by G.A.B and produced by Ty Nitty.

Music comes and goes nowadays; few records make any real impression on us. There are songs that we like, that we might just mentally dispose of the very next day, and it seems like it never really came into our minds in the first place. There are some tracks that come into your memory and stick around, sort of like a brain hermit. Fortunately for G.A.B, “Clean North” is definitely that track.

“Clean North” is a highly entertaining rap song. G.A.B uses his rhyme tactics to make us think…and smile, whether it’s with his sharp but laidback delivery and flow or his injection of cutting wit. Throughout this recording, G.A.B seems to have made it his point to introduce us to an emcee with legitimate skills and a great all-round demeanor.

G.A.B takes Ty Nitty’s piano-driven production and turns it into some pretty damn entertaining hip hop, which is more than anyone could ask for. In that sense, King Au gives the song a smoother turn making it into an even longer lasting form of entertainment.

As a rapper and king of his crew, G.A.B also proves he works incredibly well with his producer and the feature, as he floats between his own tradeoffs of an excited caffeine-accented flow and a calmer, conversational rambling.

It sounds so good against Ty Nitty’s calm, soulful and jazzy background with King Au melodically bouncing off the choruses and G.A.B’s uniquely crafted flows. This is exactly how you manage to blend style with substance.

Hip hop aficionado will tell you that purist rap is about the word and the rhyme, the poetry of it all, and that the musical embellishments are merely there to provide a rhythmic backdrop to the proceedings.

Much of what we hear these days relies heavily on its backing track, with the words almost seeming to take second place, and in that context G.A.B stands out like a sore thumb, as he delivers both  being a believer in the word and a weaver of rhyme tapestry.


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