Southern Rock

Virginia born and raised, Wes Dean always exceeds expectations by filling voids in the music with strutting confidence. “Looking For The Next One”, his sure-shot latest single, set to drop officially the third week of November 2022, lassoes Southern Rock rhythms and pistol-whips Americana lyric sheets into his personal corral at point blank range. Dean’s’ hefty […]

Country music artist Levi Lee was born Near Detroit Michigan, and moved to Middle Tennessee near Nashville at a young age. Growing up he learned to play bass, guitar, piano and to sing, thanks to his parents. Embracing his core values as a redneck, he thoroughly believes in the Second Amendment and standing up for […]

Often you hear the phrase, “There are no cool rock bands anymore.” This makes sense to someone who just follows mainstream music because rock has been dead in the mainstream for a while. But bands like Cranford Hollow can assure that rock is not only alive, but it’s still kicking ass. It’s just not on […]

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