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Brace yourselves, music lovers, because the enigmatic Illeeria Lee is back, and this time, she’s poised to take the music world by storm. Her latest single, “I Won’t Let You Take My Soul,” dropping May 18th, 2024, is a powerful and poignant masterpiece that transcends genre and promises to resonate with anyone who’s ever grappled […]

In the independent music industry, few bands possess the power to captivate audiences with their raw energy, compelling narratives, and infectious melodies quite like Alpha Circle. Hailing from the vibrant cultural hub of Madrid, Spain, this eclectic ensemble of English and Spanish musicians has carved a niche for themselves with their dynamic blend of pop-rock […]

In the echoing corridors of indie rock, where authenticity is king and emotion reigns supreme, there exists a Maine-based gem, a sonic powerhouse known as Human Moods. The visionary band, made up of Sheridan (vocals and lyrics), and Chris Muccino (guitars and keys) returns with their latest sonic masterpiece, “Capsule Temporelle,” a two-track EP that […]

Timing is everything when it comes to a career in the entertainment industry. However, for the right song, the definitive adjective is timeless. Such is the spirit lifting “A Better Tomorrow,” soaringly performed by singer/actress Victoria Renee. “A Better Tomorrow” is a powerful piano ballad that has tapped into the hearts of conscious citizens for […]

Thanks to the Jamsphere network’s press release for the 3rd time about Melvin From Jr. and his music at  a social submission engine company from UK contacted Melvin. They wanted the links of music streaming sites, license site, all write-ups on Melvin and his music to release to over 150 plus search engines and […]

Renowned musician Melvin Fromm Jr. is making waves once again in the world of entertainment, with his Grammy-worthy tunes catching the attention of industry insiders. Thanks to a recent press release by Jamsphere Network @ Melvin’s musical prowess has been brought to the forefront for the second time, showcasing his talent and global reach. […]

In a world where rock music often struggles to capture the raw essence of human emotion, Australian-based artist Rhett May emerges as a beacon of authenticity with his latest vinyl EP release, “ROCK AND ROLL EMOTIONS – PART ONE”. May, whose career spans decades, has earned a reputation for his ability to unearth the depths […]

Step into a world where imagination meets musical ingenuity, where Winchester 7 & The Runners beckon you on a sonic voyage with their latest creation, “The Waking Giant,” slated for release on May 3rd. Embarking on a journey through the mysterious realms of Artificial Intelligence, this album is a fully realized narrative, brimming with vibrant […]

In a world often overshadowed by chaos and strife, where the whispers of humanity’s plight echo through the corridors of time, emerges a beacon of hope, a testament to resilience, empathy, and the unyielding spirit of the human heart. Lily Amis, a luminary in the realm of indie writing and lyrical prowess, alongside the maestro […]

Renowned composer Melvin Fromm Jr. has been causing ripples across the global music scene with his captivating compositions, often described as “Grammy-infused.” His melodic masterpieces have found a dedicated audience on radio stations worldwide, with Netradio France taking the lead by spinning his tunes relentlessly, with a playlist boasting an impressive 25 of Fromm’s tracks […]

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