In the luminous tapestry of Sharon Manuel’s musical journey, each note and chord reverberates with a rich history of passion, activism, and artistic excellence. Her latest single, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers,” is not merely a song but a testament to her lifelong dedication to both her craft and the ongoing struggle for civil rights. […]

Mike Di Lorenzo and Anna Moore return to the spotlight with their latest single, “It Wasn’t You,” a poignant and introspective track available from June 28th and set to be part of an upcoming EP by Moore coming in August. This release builds on the success of their previous collaborations, including “Holding All My Love,” […]

In June 2024, the renowned global artist Melvin Fromm Jr. fulfilled a long-standing dream by launching his own radio station. Broadcasting via Bigo Live Audio, Melvin’s station features his most popular worldwide radio songs, streaming live for five hours each day. Listeners from around the globe tune in, and many return to enjoy the show […]

Melvin Fromm Jr.’s worldwide fame and original music have created a unique opportunity for his global fanbase and music enthusiasts. They are now able to earn income legally from Melvin’s music via Bigo Live, a premier live streaming platform. Here’s how it works: Fans and music lovers sign up for a free Bigo Live account […]

Melvin Fromm Jr. enjoys significant popularity on SoundCloud, where his compositions have amassed millions of streams. This level of engagement highlights the widespread appreciation for his music, confirming its universal appeal and the strong connection he has forged with a diverse audience. Blizzard Entertainment, a company renowned for creating iconic video game universes such as […]

From the heartlands of Southern Ontario, Canada, emerges Saints Down, a band renowned for their masterful blend of emotive lyrics and compelling melodies. Their latest single, “Falling,” is no exception, delivering a poignant acoustic love ballad that captures the euphoria and tender vulnerability of falling deeply in love. Saints Down is made of core members […]

Timing is everything when it comes to a career in the entertainment industry. However, for the right song, the definitive adjective is timeless. Such is the spirit lifting “A Better Tomorrow,” soaringly performed by singer/actress Victoria Renee. “A Better Tomorrow” is a powerful piano ballad that has tapped into the hearts of conscious citizens for […]

In a world where rock music often struggles to capture the raw essence of human emotion, Australian-based artist Rhett May emerges as a beacon of authenticity with his latest vinyl EP release, “ROCK AND ROLL EMOTIONS – PART ONE”. May, whose career spans decades, has earned a reputation for his ability to unearth the depths […]

Step into a world where imagination meets musical ingenuity, where Winchester 7 & The Runners beckon you on a sonic voyage with their latest creation, “The Waking Giant,” slated for release on May 3rd. Embarking on a journey through the mysterious realms of Artificial Intelligence, this album is a fully realized narrative, brimming with vibrant […]

Renowned composer Melvin Fromm Jr. has been causing ripples across the global music scene with his captivating compositions, often described as “Grammy-infused.” His melodic masterpieces have found a dedicated audience on radio stations worldwide, with Netradio France taking the lead by spinning his tunes relentlessly, with a playlist boasting an impressive 25 of Fromm’s tracks […]

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