Dive into the Soulful Melody of ‘It Wasn’t You’ by Mike Di Lorenzo and Anna Moore

Written by on 27 June 2024

Mike Di Lorenzo and Anna Moore return to the spotlight with their latest single, “It Wasn’t You,” a poignant and introspective track available from June 28th and set to be part of an upcoming EP by Moore coming in August. This release builds on the success of their previous collaborations, including “Holding All My Love,” “Play It Cool,” and “What We Need,” promising fans another emotionally resonant experience.

Mike Di Lorenzo, a seasoned NY/NJ-based keyboardist, composer, and producer, has an illustrious career spanning multiple genres from R&B to jazz. His rich musical journey includes performances and recordings with iconic artists such as Cissy and Whitney Houston, as well as celebrated groups in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame like Little Anthony & The Imperials and Bo Diddley. Di Lorenzo’s musical versatility and deep-rooted passion for R&B and soul music shine through in his latest work.

Mike Di Lorenzo’s collaborative partner, Anna Moore, brings her passionate vocal stylings to “It Wasn’t You,” delivering a performance that is both soulful and deeply emotional, as well as being technically solid. The duo has previously captivated audiences with their seamless synergy, and their new single is no exception.

“It Wasn’t You” explores the bittersweet end of a romantic relationship, focusing on themes of introspection, acceptance, and the realization that despite mutual efforts, some connections are not meant to last. The song’s narrative is reflective, portraying a journey from frustration to clarity.

The opening lines, “Couldn’t figure / Couldn’t get it together / Always one page / Separated by another,” immediately set a contemplative tone, depicting the inherent misalignment between the partners. This imagery of being on separate pages underscores the persistent disconnect that ultimately couldn’t be bridged.

As the song progresses, the lyrics “The whole time I thought we were doing enough / The whole time I see it wasn’t meant for us” reveal a common truth in many failed relationships: the belief that efforts were sufficient, only to later understand that the relationship wasn’t meant to be. This shift from effort to acceptance is a key emotional pivot in the song, capturing the moment of painful but liberating realization.

The chorus, “It wasn’t you / No / Was neither one of us darling,” reiterates a central theme: the breakup wasn’t due to individual faults but rather an uncontrollable incompatibility. This absolution of blame allows for a mature perspective on the relationship’s end, encouraging both parties to move forward without lingering resentment.

Anna Moore’s vocal delivery, especially in lines like “You owe it to / The one who’s meant for you / To accept that / That we have to be through,” suggests a forward-looking mindset. Her words are a call to embrace the future and the potential for new, more compatible relationships, emphasizing the importance of letting go for the sake of future happiness.

The refrain “You will always / You will always / Be a part of me” encapsulates the lasting impact of the relationship. Even though it has ended, there is an enduring sense of gratitude and recognition of the significance of their shared experiences. This sentiment resonates with many who have navigated amicable breakups, highlighting the lasting bonds formed through meaningful connections.

Musically, “It Wasn’t You” is a masterful blend of R&B and soul with subtle jazz influences. The arrangement features smooth basslines, temperate but persuasive percussion by Iajhi Hampden, and lush keyboard motifs that enhance the song’s introspective mood. A vibrant saxophone interlude by Frank Elmo adds an extra layer of heartfelt melodrama, enriching the emotional depth of the track.

Mike Di Lorenzo’s expertise in creating evocative soundscapes is evident, providing a perfect backdrop for Anna Moore’s expressive vocals. Their combined talents result in a song that is both deeply personal and universally relatable, offering listeners a chance to reflect on their own experiences of love and loss.

“It Wasn’t You” by Mike Di Lorenzo and Anna Moore is a mature, introspective R&B/Soul track that speaks to the complexities of love, loss, and acceptance. Its thoughtful lyrics and soulful delivery make it a compelling addition to the genre, resonating with anyone who has experienced the end of a meaningful relationship. As the first single from their upcoming EP, it sets a high bar for what’s to come, promising more emotionally rich and musically captivating tracks from this dynamic duo.



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