The Mad Stuntman

@officialdjdmc has been a Dj since the early 90’s. His first song was made for sports, “Get it Hype in Here” with Mr. Mixx of the 2 Live Crew. In 2016 @officialdjdmc had two major surgeries in less than one year. In 2019 he had an aneurysm clipping and in 2020 had a partial lobectomy. […]

Stuntman Sez is a high energy song that commands you to dance and gets your mood hyped. It features 90’s legends The Mad Stuntman from Reel2 Real, (I like to move it), General Levy from the UK (Incredible) and Kid G from Proyecto Uno. @officialdjdmc reached out to The Mad Stuntman in hopes of working […]

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