3Mind Blight – “Blight Side” – a delight to the aural senses!

Written by on 13 May 2022

While “Blight Side” does make strides in expanding what we expect from 3Mind Blight, it’s also a culmination of how he has already broadened his horizons with this project. The record reflects what he’s done well in the past and sweetened the pot a bit by broadening the musical spectrum. You cannot be an underground Hard Rock/Heavy Metal fan today and not know the name 3Mind Blight. Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, he is an artist and music producer, with endless accolades and experiences under his belt. 3Mind Blight possesses an evident knack for crafting focused, hard-hitting metal songs. We’re talking surefire earworms that can go head-to-head with the best of any modern metal rockers performing today.

“Blight Side” rushes into the fray on big fast chugging riffs, as 3Mind Blight spits out the verses in a rhythmic and melodic growl before a soaring chorus takes the spotlight. Roaring on a thrashy vibe the song is ruthlessly efficient and highly entertaining.

The song proves that one of 3Mind Blight’s primary talent is in making bone-crushing heavy metal stompers. But those intense bombastic moments still allow plenty of room to breathe and develop his undeniable hooks. Overall, on “Blight Side”, the listener gets a crystal-clear view of 3Mind Blight’s strength as a songwriter and performer. The track certainly adds some more grandeur to the artist’s usual metal pomp and bluster.

Obviously, with 3Mind Blight you pretty much know what you’re going to get quality wise, hence he deserves great credit for attempting to progress, while still maintaining the high creative, performance and production standards of his previous work. He might just have made one of his best records in the process.

In the ranks of monster-swinging metal, designed to fill the arenas, there is a power and proficiency, which sets 3Mind Blight on a higher rung to their contemporaries.

Everything about his music has a story and reflects what happens in real life something that 3Mind Blight brings out in his song writing. Guitars and bass are noticeably crunchy, crisp and precise. I am instantly caught in their web, as I bang my head and throw my fist in the air; wondering if my neighbors are doing the same.

Pounding drums and attitude set the tone from the get go. There’s a heavy industrial feel throughout and the overdriven guitars are a delight to the aural senses.

3Mind Blight definitely has a knack for expressing his emotions through his vocals; that certainly hasn’t changed on “Blight Side”, only strengthened.  Overflowing with meaty machine-gun riffs and pulverizing drums, the track encapsulates all aspects of 3Mind Blight’s capabilities and sound with refinement and clarity.

“Blight Side” is a hair-raising package, built on an emotional battlefield that really grabs your attention. There’s an undeniable fire and force behind the delivery. 3Mind Blight knows his business when it comes to songwriting, hitting the right paces and instrumentation.

This single is another great addition to the already-prolific list of 3Mind Blight’s other single releases. This record comes highly recommended and not just for established 3Mind Blight fans. Everyone should listen to this at least twice.


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