Demon Insane Asylum: “Death Demonic Life”

Written by on 4 August 2018

Demon Insane Asylum are brutal, evil, and sick-minded, making most other black metal bands look like they took their evil ideas from Disney movies. Their latest single, “Death Demonic Life”, if compared to books, would be compared to The Hellraiser series, The Stand, The Anarchist’s Cookbook or the sickest stories from Grimm’s Fairytales. The Mojave Desert based duo, specialize in breakneck blackened-inflected death metal with strong thrash metal, grind, and hardcore influences.

One listen to the new track and you will be sure of the fact that not much in the world comes close to the mayhem of this particular American group. Indeed, after the slow and eerie intro, as soon as “Death Demonic Life” picks up steam, and begins socking into your eardrums, the onslaught has already begun; and the intensity level never ever relents.

If you’re looking for half-restrained nuances or subtlety, you’re in the wrong place. This is totally blown out and over the top, grindcore-worthy chaos. A heads-down, full-steam ahead ripper, with buzzsaw guitar riffs, and a ferociously pounding thrash beat, slamming into no-holds-barred blackened death brutality.

The end result hits the listener like shotgun blasts to the chest, bar after bar. Demon Insane Asylum don’t waste time with glossy, pretty boy production and precisely picked instrumental separation on the audio spectrum. They throw all the sounds they’ve got into one big sonic cauldron and then turn the heat up until it boils over into white hot noise.

Impeccably tight, blazing fast, angry as all heck, and brutal beyond belief, the weak of heart should stay away from “Death Demonic Life”, but all seasoned extremists are strongly advised to check it out. You simply can’t ask for more ferocity and aggression and Demon Insane Asylum is essentially an aural panic attack in motion.

They deliver swirling nuclear madness. Sometimes that’s exactly what one needs to hear and well, here it is – a band sinister, twisted, and morbid. This album is so fast, so heavy, and so chaotic you might not realize what’s going on. For me, when I listen to this album there is really only one thing I can think of, and that is the end of the world.

Now that you know what is going in this song, you probably know what to expect from the guitars. They tear this track up with extremely fast riffs and some brutal surface. As for the bass, you can’t really hear it which is really the common thing in Black Metal. It is audible at times, but overall it’s basically non-existent.

Indeed, “Death Demonic Life” is full-on, very blackened metal, complete with dirty, vile production, and eccentric drumming that is seemingly prepared to blow the roof off the entire damn thing. If this is your genre, Demon Insane Asylum simply kills on nearly every level!


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