Doug Cash – “Blue River” – a savvy approach to songwriting

Written by on 7 October 2021

Written, arranged, produced and performed by Doug Cash, “Blue River” brings us some heartfelt and reflective ruminations from the singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and CEO / Owner of Pryor 2 What ? Records and Music Publishing. Every time you think Doug is about to drop the ball, he makes the exact right move. The very things that shouldn’t quite work in the current electronic, bombastic and dancefloor-dominated music scene. And that would backfire in lesser hands. Are precisely the things that work with Doug Cash.

Doug’s clever, careful balance of sincerity and insight; his savvy approach to songwriting; his ability to direct his narrative, and temper his organic production. These qualities have made Doug Cash seem unstoppable thus far. And with his new track, “Blue River”, he not only has built on what came before, but also strengthened it.

“Blue River” is the sort of song that could only come at a certain point in an artist’s trajectory, when he has already shared some stories and given us a sense of who he is, and after he has lived a substantial part of his life. Doug Cash has been in the game a long time, doling out deeply introspective music, and musings on the world around him, in equal measure. From the start, he has always been analyzing events and situations, while reorienting our expectations.

This aspect really flourishes on “Blue River”, where Doug Cash looks at the grander scheme of things. “It’s about the way we all connect and how we can overcome any obstacle if we put our heads to it,” explains the artist. “It’s also the story of nature and how it touches all of our lives,” he concludes. “Blue river flowing on. Gray mountains kiss the sea. In a land of hollow vices. They’ll never know true peace,” sings Doug, as opens the door to his thoughts.

For those who find the pristine and excruciatingly constructed architecture of pure pop too gratingly unaffected, “Blue River” sounds like an antidote. The difference is that there is always a raw, urgent quality to Doug Cash’s songs, even in moments of near quiet. “Blue River” is as considered as any of its predecessors, and once again feels like Doug’s thoughts and melodies were meant to come out to the world.

Recorded at EME Studios Sacramento, Ca, and Engineered by Matt Erich, “Blue River” has an undisguised, enigmatic, and reserved power, bolstered by Doug Cash’s imploring vocal tones. A listener will easily feel the candor he conveys through the music, and that is what makes the song great.


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