Invadable Harmony: “Memory” – Something Special

Written by on 14 February 2019

I really knew nothing about Invadable Harmony until I heard the song “Memory” on Spotify and so I was willing to give her whole playlist a listen. Definitely a pleasant surprise. Unlike a lot of ambient or New Age music, her compositions do not aimlessly meander or drone excessively. In fact, there is a plenty of melodic richness and moving arrangements that remind me a lot of skillful orchestral or chamber music. It would in fact be no surprise, of course, to learn that the composer is trained in classical music, as this really feels like what you would expect classical music would naturally evolve into, in a more modern context. There are only a few artists who really have something special to say in these instrumental genres, and Invadable Harmony is certainly one of them.

She has an amazing ability with complex composition and so many surprising nuances, without ever using techniques that could be deemed cheesy or contrived and often found in many New Age artists work.  Invader Harmony’s musical pieces sound natural, subtle, and evocative, and mix with several gorgeously sprawling melodies working together at the same time.

In “Memory” we have the guitar and violin performing melody and counter melody, as if in a lacerating, and afflicting two-way conversation – the instruments moodily search, languish, and despair in their yearning.

Playing with an unforced tenderness and warmth, Invadable Harmony connects the listener with their innermost feelings. She reminds us that we live with so many questions and doubts.

We seek certainty and meaning, but all the world seems to give us is ambiguity. “Memory” strives to recall something from the past – something certifiable, trustworthy and positive, to restore confidence and lucidity.

But the arrangement narrates a saddened tale of memories that are fleeting, ephemeral and elusive. The music goes mystifyingly deep but never unsettlingly dark.

Invadable Harmony has a way with simple, unadorned melodies, keeping the drama reined in and relying more on the core of her composition instead. Here, the focus is that of a more contemplative and introspective musical vision.

Like any well-crafted music in any genre, the song is emotionally engaging and also fuel for the mind. And like any well-crafted music in any genre, this will leave you feeling like you’ve been taken on a journey, like you’ve learned something profound about yourself. Invadable Harmony is simply amazing the way she weaves her tale and immerses you in sound, depth and perception.

She actually lifts you up and places you in another place and time. The song is slow yet purposeful and includes a gorgeously seducing keyboard and a heartfelt, melancholic string arrangement, with the cleanly plucked guitar offering the composition its emotive heartbeat. “Memory” is another sophisticated sonic statement by a fascinating and crafted musician.


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