Jason Fox – “Good Rocking Christmas” is a brilliant seasonal romp

Written by on 9 December 2020

The 70’s in Great Britain presented a time of escalating tensions in Northern Ireland, economic and political crisis and a sense that the nation’s moment had passed. Glam rock added a rare splash of color and sparked a very different kind of cultural evolution. This was about thrilling music, for sure, but also the spectacle of identity, dressed up in spectacular costumes. Now take the catchy rocking sound of that period – which at the time was considered a fast-pass to the British charts – and blend it with the rich colors, warm sentiments, and high spirited holiday sparkle of Christmas. The result would sound something like the latest single, entitled “Good Rocking Christmas”, by UK singer-songwriter Jason (‘Jay’) Fox.

Inspired by artists like Slade, Wizzard and Shakin’ Stevens, Jason Fox originally wrote “Good Rocking Christmas” in 2009 in the hope of cheering up his family for the festive period during hard and sad times. That same track has now been reproduced and released as a single to help put a smile on many more faces, considering current events and the afflictions a large portion of the world is suffering.

Opening with crunchy, driving guitar riffs, before Jason Fox takes the vocals, and his band provide a nice steady rock backing, “Good Rocking Christmas” quickly sets its momentum and tone. Fox makes light work of the vocals, reaching for all the right notes, and tying together a neat singalong chorus. It’s a brilliant romp that differs somewhat from the usual soppy holiday songs.

Jason Fox music is for people who really want to think and feel, and also want it to sound great. “Good Rocking Christmas” obviously has very strong retro-rock flavors, but shouldn’t really be tied to any one musical era, especially if you love the sound of electric guitars. If you listen to Jason Fox carefully, you’ll understand that he is a fully equipped songwriter and a thoughtful lyricist.

Jason Fox is a keen observer of life with an impeccable ability to put into words what many of us may feel, hence making his music extremely relatable. Here he takes the all-embracing Christmas theme, and gives it rocking workover with keen pop sensibilities. Jay’s singing is clear and true throughout, the band playing sympathetically and there is high quality control throughout.

Not looking to jump onto any trendy sounding bandwagon, “Good Rocking Christmas” establishes Jason Fox as serious artist who is genuine, his honesty and unpretentiousness shine through as something truly special. He uses simple, straightforward everyday language to spin his tale, which is filled with lots of vivid Christmas imagery, which you may know as an adult, or remember as a child.

This is the return of feel-good guitar-driven seasonal music. Jason Fox has put his words and feelings so poignantly into song that you can feel the emotions of every note, chorus and guitar lick. “Good Rocking Christmas” exemplifies simple and yet powerful songwriting at its best. This song should definitely be on your Christmas playlist this year.

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