Purple Activist – “Purp Paris” gets the listener engaged in the lyrics, as much as the melody and sound

Written by on 25 May 2022

Adept at standing on his own two without the need for coalescing with artists of varying calibers, Purple Activist not only showcases well-roundedness, but depth, daringness and clarity of vision on each subsequent release. While the status he’s aiming for is ultimately awarded by time, hits and hard work, he’s certainly put his best foot forward, on one of his latest singles, “Purp Paris”. Purple Activist may still be an unknown name to those who don’t keep up with the fast-moving rap and hip-hop circuits, but the Pakistani-Indian artist, born and raised in Houston, Texas already sounds like a vet.

“Purp Paris” arrives with more eyes on Purple Activist than ever, and it delivers. It’s loaded with the kinds of somber, sultry and soothing sonic elements that have become the artist’s trademark. This song is extremely personal which makes it the perfect vehicle for the artist’s intimate style. It reassures the listener that Purple Activist’s purpose is to prove himself, as though he hasn’t done so already.

He’s working to secure his spot in the game, and wants his listeners to know that his purpose and gift lies within his music. If Purple Activist’s on a track, you know it’s going to hit in the feels from the get-go, and such is the case with “Purp Paris”.

The honesty and introspection Purple Activist’s exhibits through his reflections on this track is captivating, the words elevate the music, a growing rarity in hip-hop, R&B and pop.  A gentle exotic reed instrument welcomes the listener to familiar territory in the opening seconds of the track as Purple Activist’s verses ebb and flow through the song’s progression.

Purple Activist’s nuanced poignancy has always been one of his greatest strength, as he puts everything out there. He is just as much an R&B singer as he is a rapper, and his sweetly chilled voice is better equipped than most to express emotion. I think it’s what makes people love him.

Purple Activist is a man of heartfelt jams. He bares his heart on every record, rapping and singing personal truths. Moreover, he has a great ear for a melody and dropping memorable lines.

Purple Activist demonstrates his storytelling skill with a smart and engaging narrative on “Purp Paris”. If nothing else, you certainly come away from this single project with a great understanding of his craft.

As an introduction to someone who is likely going to be taking over the underground radio waves in the near future, the single works fantastically. “Purp Paris” is such an excellent way to get the listener engaged in the lyrics, as much as the melody and sound.

Purple Activist is one of the most interesting artists to hit the urban music scene in the last couple of years. His music can be genuinely affecting. His smooth and luxurious sound is unique in a genre bursting with bombast, and “Purp Paris” will likely solidify his growing brand, as he continues to carve out his very own lane in the industry.


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