Doug Cash – ‘Not Waiting’ solidifies his spectacular songwriting

Written by on 8 August 2022

If for some obscure reason you have not yet heard of, or listened to Doug Cash, then you need to change that now. Singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and CEO and owner of Pryor 2 What? Records and Music Publishing, Doug has established himself as a major force in the underground industry. There’s a comfortable serenity about his performances; a calming force, even when he’s writing lyrics that might stir your emotions. It’s almost like it’s just you and him, as he’s plays the guitar while he sings to you. Even though it is definitely not just you listening to Doug’s music, the intimate atmosphere he creates in some of his acoustic driven songs could fool anyone into believing it is. Stylistically, Doug Cash is able to swing back and forth across a number of genre flavors, though a predilection for acoustic driven singer-songwriter excursions is evident in his catalog.

The single ‘Not Waiting’, taken from the album “Doug Cash – Blues”, tinges into the acoustic blues and Americana aesthetic, and favors Cash’s signature powerful, gorgeous vocals, which are front and center. One of Doug Cash’s other strength is his brutal honesty and heartfelt lyrics and they are most definitely on display here.

“Been low I’ve been over the top. Administered self-abuse lord knows when it’s gonna stop. But you can’t tell me I’m wrong. I’m not waiting to find out I know where I belong. I’m no fool I’ve got a clue and when the fits too tight. I loosen the laces on my shoes,” sings Cash as he unravels the narrative. Ultimately, the song is gentle yet powerful, blunt but poignant, energetic and soulful. Cash’s voice immediately captivates as he carries a divine and dynamic hook.

Doug Cash takes this beautifully written song and transports you into his world of emotional alchemy. It’s obvious that Cash knows what he does works and he executes it effortlessly in this track. Through a kaleidoscope of blues progressions, stripped down orchestration, and a heavenly delivery, Doug Cash transforms life’s turbulence into waves of blissful, bold, and brilliant singer-songwriter essences.

With solid composition, strong vocals, and multifaceted lyrics, it would be difficult to rate ‘Not Waiting’ at anything other than perfect. Carried through by his soaring, honey-soaked vocals and poetic lyrics, there’s still that sense of longing and introspection that has come to be synonymous with his work. Tied together by his masterful storytelling, Doug Cash’s hauntingly candid thoughts almost act in opposition to the mellifluous notes of his voice.

“My lover wouldn’t stay she said the smog’s too damn thick. Well thank god it wasn’t over the size of my dick. But you can’t tell her she’s wrong. She’s not waiting to find out she knows where she belongs. She’s no fool she got a clue and when the time was right. She did what she had to do,” croons Cash, still managing to maintain the performance intimacy as he solidifies his spectacular songwriting.

Hearing Doug Cash on his own solo journey is a long and winding road down familiar highways, baring his soul to the world on each occasion. ‘Not Waiting’, presents yet another enjoyable musical framework that proves Cash is always loaded with stimulating ideas.

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