DRAGG – “Trickin On You” provides a sleek canvas of contemporary R&B and modern hip-hop

Written by on 17 December 2022

DRAGG’s style is hard to box, he is versatile in his flow, but it’s rooted in hip-hop and R&B.  His songs tell woven tales of stories close to his heart. He doesn’t try to mask or refine things, delivering honest, poetic rhymes in the vernacular. He has a great voice and he transforms he’s experiences and visions into quite compelling soundtracks. Adding to the glory of his releases are the catchy choruses and sleek production work that fits perfectly into the present and the future, yet also has a pinch of old-school nostalgia.

On his new single “Trickin On You”, DRAGG gives one of his most intoxicating vocal displays, highlighting a groove-driven backdrop of rumbling basslines, skittering percussion and a thumping backbeat.

The production provides a sleek canvas, idiomatic of contemporary R&B and modern hip-hop, with the tasty flavor of emo-trap. The beat bangs, as DRAGG continues to show off his amazing pipes, singing about the very relatable and intricate matters of the heart.

The maliciously trendy production of emo-trap-infused vibes are definitely worth mentioning because it shows that DRAGG’s ear for beats and his new wave approach is on-point, especially if he is aiming to crack the mass music market apart.

He certainly possesses all the talents and skills, so it is just a matter of finding the right song to escalate his popularity standings. With “Trickin On You”, he is clearly on course to achieve just that, as the song is effective as both an immersive street and club joint.

What is clear from listening to the entirety of “Trickin On You”, is that above being an extremely gifted individual with a driving ambition, DRAGG performs with such a cool, nonchalant vibe, it is impressive. He is a natural talent who has a knack for intoxicating melodies and earworm hooks. All of which he unpacks across the single.

DRAGG’s style, lyrical content and overall attitude as expressed on this track reflect an artist with a 360° interpretation of how modern urban music is made, as well as his own craft and potential.

DRAGG’s rich timbre, witty lyric sheets, and genre bending soundscapes implies an influence of esteemed peers, across various genre-stylings. Most of whom he will soon be surpassing, if he keeps up his current momentum. DRAGG moves from one side of the musical spectrum to the other across his catalog, certifying that he cannot be boxed or held down in any way.

On each new release, DRAGG takes his listeners deeper into his world of blissful musical transience. With “Trickin On You” he continues his journey on the way up, to wherever he wants to be. There is no stopping him now!

MORE ABOUT: Lawrence Sean Sibanda (aka DRAGG) was born in Johannesburg in 1993 to Zimbabwean immigrants. While his parents migrated to England, DRAGG returned to Zimbabwe and came to realize that Bulawayo and Johannesburg were culturally, linguistically and musically very interwoven.

Following a diagnosis with a severe case of meningitis at 12, DRAGG’s eyesight and hearing deteriorated, later rendering him completely blind. Not letting his health complications become a hindrance, he set out to accomplish another vision with his remarkable ability to rhyme. DRAGG has shared a stage with the likes of The Game, JLS, Wretch 32, DJ Aceand DJ Edu.


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