Ghumble & Philthy MF – “Monumental” – the most in-sync rappers you’ll hear perform together this year

Written by on 17 August 2021

The Gary-based emcee Philthy MF joins forces with accomplished rapper Ghumble, on the freshly released EP “Monumental”, which alludes to more than just the title of the project, and could quite easily be the description of its artist qualities. This is fresh, modern, new school hip-hop, with a melodic streak, but high in lyrical and storytelling content. Notwithstanding the vibe-filled atmospheres, and groove-induced beats, both Philthy MF and Ghumble deliver laser sharp rhymes and technically excellent bars.

This is a two-player journey through the mindsets, thoughts and experiences of free-thinking creatives, who trade dazzlingly intricate verses and propulsive rhymes, over inventive productions.

On “Monumental”, Philthy MF and Ghumble trim every inch of fat from the record, delivering the most incisive rhymes, clever one-liners, and smoothest tracks of their careers. “Rally Stripes” offers a captivating introduction to the EP and a statement of purpose, each artist drawing on their lived experiences for some truly captivating lyrics. They achieve a synergy and cohesion that heightens the clarity of their work as it fiercely cuts through the chaos of our current times.

“Royal Vibes” is even more introspective, built on a jazzy laidback vibe with a cinematic reflection. Ghumble leads the track through its opening section with a hypnotic flow and a melodic twist, before Philthy MF erupts into the mix with a supersonic delivery. The dynamic contrast between Philthy MF’s quick verbal acrobatics and Ghumble’s powerfully fierce flows is mesmerizing, to say the least.

What elevates the authenticity of this EP even further is the abundance of great rhymes, along with the pair’s uncompromising and real attitudes. All of which comes to a head, on “Bounce Back”. “Only those who have suffered from losses know how it feels. The reason we go hard out on the field. Street lights come on, but we’re still up chasing the bag, until I eat my next meal,” recites the lyrics. The atmosphere is urgent, the beat head-snapping, as Philthy MF and Ghumble showcase their chemistry.

It’s not a coincidence that all of these songs resonate so strongly. Philthy MF and Ghumble have a way with words and a groove which creates impacting soundscapes. Even a laidback track, like the EP closer, “Clearwater” with its soulful demeanor connects with listeners. The captivating beat features a resonating piano that carries the words and song forward so people focus on the voices and lyrics. The EP’s unmistakable relevance is defined by its immaculate execution.

Philthy MF and Ghumble are the kind of rappers who make other artists want to be not just as talented as they are musically and linguistically; they make them want to be more insightful and considerate with their writing. It’s impossible not to love every second of this recording.

Structurally inventive, lyrically deft, and passionate, “Monumental” positions Philthy MF and Ghumble as the new laureates of the modern underground era. Like any listening experience, there are moments of chill, of excitement, of happiness and of tenacity, which Philthy MF and Ghumble produce effortlessly. They’re two of the most in-sync rappers you’ll hear perform together this year.

“Monumental” Music Streams:
Philthy MF – IG: @philthymf – Twitter: @philthymf – Facebook: @philthymf
Ghumble – IG: @vibeshumbly – Twitter: @G_Humble_ – FB: Facebook
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