Following up the singles “American Warrior” and “Hours” is a gargantuan task. No worries though. As always, on his latest release “Mountain”, James Bene showcases his prodigious vocal skills, delivering an overall balanced performance.  He is cool, calm, and collected on the verses, digging in intensely on the rousing bridges and choruses.  On his breakout […]

Song after song, James Bene brings his own sensibilities, emotions and finely-calibrated vocals to the table, unlocking sonic possibilities that many of his peers fail to uncover in pop music. The pop star in James emerges on his edgy and epic new number, “Hours”, with its electrifying vocals, captivating guitar parts, and sweeping keyboards. As […]

Christian Corsi is an artist and music producer with a warm, unique sound. His music blurs the lines between a wide variety of genres and styles, including modern EDM styles like Deep House and even a dash of electro-pop, among others. Christian has been quite busy in the studio recently, and the result is a […]

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