Ed Golfo – “Mistakes” – all the fundamentals are in place

Written by on 24 May 2020

Currently based in Bolzano, Northern Italy, Ed Golfo spent his teenage years playing guitar in several bands and taking part in a number of recording projects. While his ability as an instrumentalist kept him in high demand, what he really longed for was to be in creative control of a project. After a few unsuccessful attempts at starting traditional bands, Ed came up with the idea of using open sourcing, allowing him to control the direction of his new music while inviting collaborators in.

His single “Mistakes” holds nothing back in setting its scene and letting us know just what Ed Golfo and his collaborators are capable of. A slick funk-driven, futuristic electro-pop song, paired with a bucket load of catchy hooks and melodic twists, “Mistakes” polished beats intersperse with vocals mastered so perfectly that not a crackle appears once on the record.

We sail through the arrangement on “Mistakes” with ease because it is filled with electronic epiphanies and toe-tapper choruses. One thing is true, the funk isn’t just a sound. Funk is our way of energizing our batteries, plugging what we’ve lost back into mains power to recharge. The sound of “Mistakes” is slick, cool, and will bring us all together on the dancefloor.

The track could tear the roof off any particular kind of penthouse party, mostly due to the super-charismatic vocal approach and a groove that leads the way. Ed Golfo literally breathes rhythmic fire into “Mistakes”, making it easy to be seduced by this fantastic dancefloor anthem. One reason why the song hits home is the strength of the songwriting.

Ed Golfo strikes the perfect balance between playing it straight and letting catchy, complex twists come to the surface on “Mistakes”. Powered by chunky ringing synth chords, the bedrock of this tune is the instrumental chops being shown. The title might sound pessimistic but the music is bold, punching up some of the warmest and most nostalgic electro-funk sounds tested in 2020.

“Mistakes” is a full-bodied strut, where all the fundamentals are in place: thick twisting basslines, hard thumping percussion, the gurgle of squealing keyboards, and elements appropriated from the ’70s and ’80s funk and disco sound, with an updated electronic flourish and a buoyant melodic levity. There’s more sass and energy than you can shake a stick at, while the lyrics stay positive.

The crisp production, and tight rhythms come with the clearest vocals: “Mistakes can let us down. I’m sure that you’ll find out. The right path for you. These days can weigh us down. Don’t worry you’ll find out. The right path for you.” There is a sense of freewheeling energy, while Ed Golfo and his collaborating crew, sound like a well-oiled machine. The pop crossover potential on “Mistakes” is obvious.

“Mistakes” contains enough radio-ready sound and rump-shaking groove, to earn a spot in your warm-weather playlist for this summer. And if Ed Golfo can keep flipping through his ever-deepening Rolodex of potential collaborators and continue coming up with novel ideas like this one, he’ll be appearing on playlists for a long time to come yet!


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