Ezra James: “Think Of Me (feat. KD)” cuts through its own slick stateliness

Written by on 8 March 2017

The plush, lightly intoxicating production on “Think Of Me (feat. KD)” by talented Australian singer, songwriter, and producer – as well as MMA fighter – Ezra James, buffers the song’s more intimate moments, as Ezra’s precocious vocals take flight on the verses and choruses rather than drowning in it. “Think Of Me (feat. KD)” unfolds in an ethereal cloud of synth and voices streaming like angelic choirs before swinging into a verse buoyed by its own euphoria. Ezra’s the rare vocalist who makes you feel what he’s singing about, even when his lyrics are transparent. When he wants to sound deadly serious, he’s on the verge of tears; when he’s happy, he’s practically smiling as he sings.

“Think Of Me (feat. KD)” has elements of tasteful R&B that the Top40 Charts and Grammy’s love, but it cuts through its own slick stateliness with raw emotion reined in by an ever-present sense of professionalism.

When Ezra James isn’t accompanied by glossy synths, the music is all about intimacy. With a simple rasp, strum, and finger snap beat, the track emerges unscathed from its candidly mainstream performance.

“Think Of Me (feat. KD)” sounds natural and easy, an artist set free to do what he wants and proving himself every bit the unique voice the hype sets him out to be. It’s respectful of tradition, quietly ambitious, and deeply personal, a wonderfully considered song.

It’s one of the smoothest love songs of the year, a track where ecstatic infatuation is hemmed in by Ezra’s understated vocal dexterity. He rockets off into falsetto for irresistible moments, and into spirals of elegant, vocal gymnastics around the song’s chorus. It’s deceptively simple, a nugget of concentrated sensual sunshine.

Ezra James is an artist in the best sense of the word as he stretches his vocal cords throughout the song. What you will find here is a slow burning groove that sometimes is reminiscent of Marvin Gaye and Prince in their more mellow moments.

He explores the subjects of love, intimacy and relationships. He’s similar to Frank Ocean in the sense that he also uses metaphorical and detailed lyrics in his songs.  Ezra brings a new and personalized zest to his music.

Even though the world is already awash with priapic R&B lover-boys, it is in this incarnation that Ezra James is at his most fascinating. His lyrics are simultaneously empathetic and wry, capable of twisting fairly clichéd sexy love ideas into new shapes and emotions.

“Think Of Me (feat. KD)” mints what will obviously become a signature musical style; moreover, it’s a signature musical style that doesn’t sound much like anyone else. It’s indicative of an artist who has absolute confidence in the strength of his songs and voice, and doesn’t feel the need to hide them behind any degree of excessive pop cloning.


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