Positive Vybez – “Body Language” – The combination of his vocals and production is one that can put you in a trance

Written by on 18 October 2021

A man of faith and a firm believer of just being yourself, Positive Vybez is an artist born in VA but raised in Atlanta, who has been rapping since the age of 12. He belongs in the same sentence as hip-hop’s most eclectic new artists. His catalog is an effortless blend of styles, beats and melodies, revealing an artist with a diverse palette, who is just as comfortable spitting hard rhymes as he is sing-rapping. On his latest single, “Body Language”, the artist continues to build on this early songwriting promise with one of the most consistently smooth and catchy tracks of the year.

Positive Vybez’s music never quite does what you expect it to do, and it’s clear no two song ever sound the same, with the artist being more than happy to keep on switching up styles. At times this can be highly intoxicating, as it is on “Body Language”, showing how Positive Vybez is capable of genius melodic changes.

It’s obvious he has an abundance of talent, but never goes out of his way to force it upon listeners. He simply flexes his vocal dexterity across this 3 minute plus spin, almost effortlessly, allowing his skills to surface subtly.

Positive Vybez also shines by sprinkling clever wordplay across many of his tunes, and if he wants to get romantic and passionate, like he does on “Body Language”, he can unpack the appropriate verbiage to get the girls going. It’s clear that the creative rapper has fun exploring various themes and sounds.

“Body Language” is the kind of music that can captivate so much that all you want to do is sit back, listen to the sonic beauty, and smile. Few other artists take such a cool, caring and focused approach in crafting tracks.

Positive Vybez makes his intricate sound seem so effortless. His signature delivery, layered over a rich mid-tempo beat, and uplifting vocal chants, make “Body Language” beautifully complex, creating a timeless classic from scratch.

What makes this track so strong is the combination of the airy production and heavy-hitting percussion as Positive Vybez steamrolls the beat with his hybrid blend of melodic hooks and sharp verses. There is a lightheartedness not present in lot of music today.

“Body Language” is bright and highlights Positive Vybez’s sentimental outlook. It is almost playful on a lyrical and auditory level, making the track an incredible earworm. But don’t mistake this lightheartedness for lack of depth, as Positive Vybez intelligently dissects his subject matter – in this case “Body Language”. The song is well worth the listen for those who enjoy hip-hop and are searching for a groove-driven and distinctive urban track from a promising artist.

“Body Language” is an excellent showcase of not only Positive Vybez versatility – but his command of multiple styles of rapping and singing. The rhythm and chemistry between Positive Vybez and the production, work in tandem to make an infectiously catchy banger. What Positive Vybez shows on “Body Language” is dynamism. The combination of his vocals and production is one that can put you in a trance.


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