SeparateSelf – “Love Drugged” ignites a fire which burns through a few listens!

Written by on 12 February 2022

Colorado Springs artist and producer, SeparateSelf is an idealist, with dreams for the future that are bold and bright. In between, he likes to contemplate the fundamental experiences of being human. In 2022 the producer is already on his second single release, entitled “Love Drugged”, which hands us another one of his musical visions on a silver platter. It almost doesn’t get any better than this for high quality audio seekers.  Take the production wizardry of SeparateSelf, the powerhouse lead vocal driving the melody, and what do you get?  A mix of great songwriting, amazing talent, soulful singing and well thought out production that made will make your ears perk up and your mind take in this soothing but excitable sound.  That’s what.

For the listener, it’s a real treat to hear talent lay down lyrics so effortlessly but with so much soul, while the music delivers something that ignites a fire which burns through a few listens before leaving its inevitable mark. The deep-house inspired track is a fresh sound for the American producer that hears him tapping into a dark and brooding soundscape.

With a thumping beat and sustained rhythm enticing you in, SeparateSelf layers rumbling bass and dark synths to create an aesthetic which is simultaneously moody and seductive, yet subtly euphoric. In contrast to his previous single, on “Love Drugged”, SeparateSelf lends a male voice to the track. It’s a song that needs multiple listens for it to grow on you, but once it hits you, then it’s stuck in your head.

“Love Drugged” kicks off with a straight ahead beat, and the singer rises spontaneously with a vocal, which breathes life into the arrangement. His tone is resonant, and he leverages his vocal range with triumph. It is a thrilling ride from the moment the singer opens up, and he drives the track forward with deliberation. Musically, SeparateSelf puts his skillset to work, and he smashes it with an infectious foundation, which is difficult to refuse.

SeparateSelf keeps the flow alive too with the structure regularly changing above the constant beat, and it progresses seamlessly with zest overflowing out of every hook. The smartly selected range of sounds gives the track bite. Also, it gets even more prominent as it moves forward, and SeparateSelf’s musical style synergizes with the vocals. The song delves deep into its underlying sentiment. It is what makes this track so irresistible.

“Love Drugged” finds the perfect balance between house and pop. But, it is not a replica of anything else in the modern scene. It has a distinct flow and vibe, which sticks out. As a result, the experience is memorable. Through the song, SeparateSelf tries to connect with the person who is listening, to make the track meaningful to them which allows his music to flourish.  The single is fresh, exciting and hopefully what we will hear more of from the Colorado Springs producer. “Love Drugged” is a club-ready banger showcasing SeparateSelf’s craftsmanship.

MORE ABOUT: The artist and producer known as SeparateSelf, was adopted at 7 years old. A year later he got his first piano, which he played every day. From there, he moved on to drumming, and toured a bit in the late 2000’s. In mid-2015, he started a progressive house project under the alias WNTRLVND, as an exploratory dive into production and electronic music. He played his last festival as WNTRLVND, in Tennessee during 2016, at the Lift Off Music Festival outside of Nashville. From 2016 to 2021, he took a hiatus from music as he poured himself into building multiple global companies.


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