The YY: “White Noise” (the YY Remix) – a beautifully and tastefully produced track

Written by on 9 March 2017

In late 2016 LA-based multi-talented singer, songwriter and visual artist Ella Vos made her solo debut with a stunning single called “White Noise.” The song showcased a wide range of sounds: piano chords, distorted vocalizing, a cool beat, and white noise making an appearance towards the end of the track. At a glance, listeners thought that Ella Vos was singing about a lost love that could not be saved. Instead, Vos was using her debut offering to tackle a topic which often sends many music-industry folks running – new motherhood.

“I didn’t even mean it to be about that situation. I just realized as I was writing those words I was just so depressed and in a weird fog. Nothing was real around me. It was super intense,” Vos claims. “But I’m really glad I pushed myself to do it. I’m realizing more and more how much it really matters to put out honest music, and I feel so much better standing behind it, like, ‘Yes, this is what I wrote, and this is what it’s about, and take it or leave it.'”

The YY

The YY

Well someone did decide to take it, or to be more precise, give his own personal ‘take’ on it. Hailing from Valencia, Spain, The YY has been mixing music for the past 2 years, bringing influences from his constant flow of international tours around Melbourne and Sydney, Australia; Palawan, Cebu, Manila, Philippines; and Hong Kong, China.

He says he loves producing and collaborating with upcoming artists and pioneering new stems to share with his artist network. His love for the audience pushes him to attempt to deeply connect and interact with every set, every song, and every chant.

And connect with the listeners he does, on “White Noise” (the YY Remix). Tender and gentle as it is, it would seem impossible to many, to up the rhythm and energy levels on this track while maintaining its intrinsic mellow and mesmerizing qualities.

Fear not as The YY laces the song with persuasive percussion, echoing effects, chipmunk vocals, steady buildups and sweet breakdowns, and even turns up the speed dial a notch!

If that all sounds fearlessly courageous when tackling a delicate arrangement such as the original “White Noise” – it is! Yet The YY’s remix does not come out the other end of the electronic blender sounding corny or kitsch, which was a highly likely risk.

On the contrary, The YY doesn’t lose the deeper and poignant ambiance of the original song; he just gives its meaning another perspective with a beautifully and tastefully produced track.


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