Truse – “The Final Mystical Saga” – uncovers the misdoings of our global communities

Written by on 9 October 2020

Truse is a man of conscience, and many talents. He is equipped to emerge at the forefront of the conscious hip-hop world. He is an artist brimming with personality and insight, and his new single, “The Final Mystical Saga”, shows him at the top of his game. Truse, who dedicated this song to his daughter Sadie Jane, is occupied with the essence of humanity, and the principles which drive us to be what we are. The single delves deep into the social, commercial and industrial destruction that leads to anger, violence and war. Its point is made clear. This release isn’t about Truse, about me, or about you. It’s about all of us, and the changes we need to make for a peaceful existence.

Truse is a master storyteller. His biting narrative not only uncovers the misdoings of our global communities, but is a bitter and powerful statement of the evils mankind strive to perpetrate against each other for personal or capital gain.

The production is ominous, and perfect. Utilizing instrumental impact far more than the typical rap song does. The beat alone could be released as a single. A handpicked set of instruments create an enveloping atmosphere which is mastered to fruition.

The production is loud, prominent, and the ideal layout for an emcee with a raw, impassioned style like Truse’s to flow over. The beat enhances rapper’s emotional delivery in that it is brimming with resonant instrumentation that bleeds heartfelt music. With a voice that thunders across the track and a knack for eye-opening honesty, Truse doesn’t hold anything back, revealing his own personal vision throughout.

If there’s one thing about rap and hip-hop music that always stays consistent, that is always important to the art, it’s that skills on the mic matter. Whether you’re an up-and-coming independent emcee grinding it out in the underground, or a multi-platinum superstar performing on major stages across the world, at the end of the day, hip-hop fans will always respect talented emcees.

“The Final Mystical Saga”, in a way, is Truse’s artistic portrait, a way of showing listeners all facets of his mic and songwriting skills. Truse refuses to be anything but himself, and it shows throughout his music. In a quest for the truth, he exposes the world’s ugliness.

The Los Angeles rapper seeks meaning, a deeper and better connection between human beings. With a hard-hitting delivery and words that pack an even greater punch, the song tackles real issues affecting real people.

In an increasingly polarized world at the hands of inequality, Truse is a critical commentator of a violent culture. Beyond his technical skills, his messages are full of honesty and conviction, making his art a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to him as a shining beacon of humanity.

Urgent and impactful, “The Final Mystical Saga” succeeds at tackling the ugliness of the world head on. My expectations were high and they were exceeded. This is an extremely powerful song – a lyrical and emotional triumph.


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