GHumble – “Nothing to Something” ft. Mark Battles refuses to be pinned down!

Written by on 5 October 2021

Currently there is no stopping Indiana-born artist GHumble. The singer and rapper who moved from Gary to Indianapolis at the age of three, has dropped a series of projects this year to make sure his name stays in the limelight while driving his momentum. GHumble first came to our attention with the EP’s “Humble Plays” and “Humble Days & Humble Nights”. He then again impressed us with the single “Baecation”. Not content, the artist joined up with dynamic Gary-based emcee Philthy MF, to complete the EP project “Monumental”, which confirmed all the skills and promise GHumble had shown previously. Features and teaming up, in the new millennium, has been the way to go for rap and hip hop, and few understand it better than GHumble, who now gets together with another Indianapolis rapper, Mark Battles, on his brand new single, “Nothing to Something”.

If you’ve ever heard a GHumble project, you’ll know it’s easy to fall in love with his work. The rich, colorful beats are so creative and sweet that at times that you could play it on repeat just to pick up the subtle splashes of vibrancy in the instrumentation. At the same time the charisma and personality of GHumble is entrancing and hypnotic. His style of lyricism is disarmingly honest, allowing reflective and touching tracks but also rebellious and striking bangers.

Mark Battles, who just recently dropped his latest album, maintains all the superlative qualities of traditional hip hop flavors. He relies on his pure skills as an emcee, and can kick into a stream-of-consciousness verse, on the fly. Battles can string together immaculate rhymes schemes to highlight any recording.

On “Nothing to Something”, GHumble and Mark Battles bring all their aforementioned wares to the table, and deliver an explosive track that blossoms into a sonic garden of Eden, ripe with lyrical brilliance.

GHumble knows how to draw your attention, as well as grab a beat so captivating that it is nearly impossible not to listen again, and he puts that formula to work on “Nothing to Something”. The piano-driven production is rich and harmonious, filled with melodic background voices and energetic percussion.

On top, GHumble and Mark Battles, waste no time in rolling out their wordplay and storytelling skills. The difference in flow between GHumble and Mark Battles presents such a great and pointed balance.

GHumble’s verses have such an effortless flow that makes this song so pleasing, and is a great combination with Mark Battles authentic, no nonsense style. Super textured, the beat on “Nothing to Something” rides the line between pop and hip-hop, which results in a vibrantly catchy track that is ready to impact the charts.

The extra value in the track comes from the way GHumble has carefully combined the defining elements of his previous work with a fresh style, to produce another highly polished recording.

Ultimately, the expectations for “Nothing to Something” were high, and it’s clear that both GHumble and Mark Battles delivered. Production-wise, performance-wise, and lyrically, this track refuses to be pinned down, showcasing creativity and authenticity, laced with sheer wit.

On this cut, GHumble and Mark Battles leave nothing to be desired. After all a combination of highly talented rappers will always make music that rises above the everyday.


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