3Mind Blight – “Hard To Think About” – emotion-filled with thematic relevance and depth

Written by on 26 August 2021

3Mind Blight hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma. After 15 years’ experience as a music producer and multiple songwriting awards, he embarked on a solo career in 2018. The international award winning artist, musician and songwriter in creates music that crosses between Metal, Orchestral Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, and Alt Rock with numerous #1 hit songs on radio and with millions of streams worldwide. In the years 2019 and 2020 he was listed as both crossover artist of the year and artist of the year. Whether collaborating with other artists, or performing on his own 3Mind Blight always guarantees songs that are emotion-filled with thematic relevance and depth.  His latest single, “Hard To Think About”, upholds that promise.

Music this good often inspires a string of imitators but who else, in a variety of styles, can write like 3Mind Blight? His words are pointedly relatable, and have the power to encapsulate the demons and struggles of this thing called life while simultaneously treating every speck of emotion that passes through his chest as though it deserves its own chapter.

Each time 3Mind Blight announces a release, there’s the expectation that the artist will go deeper, more intimate, vulnerable, and visionary. “Hard To Think About” strips all the excess back to a simple, acoustic driven, slow to mid-tempo groove, and 3Mind Blight sounds right at home. The song – concentrated on loss, longing, redemption, and death – is filled with heart and charisma, fitting perfectly in the songwriter’s range, and indebted to the power of his music.

“It’s hard to think about, all the times that we’d fight. Sometimes we’d scream and shout. It lasted through the night. I’m so glad by the end, I got to make things right with you. I’m sorry that I can see you here right now. I need to believe that you are smiling down from the heavens in the sky. And still I wonder why you’re not here with me, you’re only in my dream,” sings 3Mind Blight, unfolding the dilemma of his narrative.

3Mind Blight has an impeccable sense of song-craft and storytelling, all of which he flaunts on “Hard To Think About”, while keeping the instrumentation down to a minimum. The guitars and his voice are enough to carry the message, while the subtle use of strings add the needed melancholy to the atmosphere. His sounds are so fully formed, so complete, even with just vocals and an acoustic guitar, and little else.

With 3Mind Blight’s songs, the demons are in the lyrical details, and many of his most accessible and impressive songs are his darkest. It’s been said that once a song is published, it no longer belongs to the songwriter, but to everyone who hears it and writes it into their own lives. That’s exactly what happens with 3Mind Blight’s songs. Though often intimate and personal, the inclusivity of his songs, is their defining quality.

You can listen to any of 3Mind Blight’s songs and relate, even if you aren’t interest in the genre he is proposing, simply because he builds his sonic worlds around burning emotions and the desire to believe in a better tomorrow.


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