3Mind Blight – “This Web” – epic symphonic metal!

Written by on 25 August 2022

It’s impressive when an artist is able to surprise listeners with fresh ideas and bold moves. The new single “This Web” by award-winning artist 3Mind Blight, is so epic, dramatic, beautiful and – at times – moving, that it’s enough to give listeners chills. It’s truly breathtaking, and has been executed with a meticulous care. The Tulsa, Oklahoma based artist has pulled out all the stops with a spectacular recording. 3Mind Blight has gone all-out, and created a stunning orchestral score to match the grinding guitars and thunderous percussion, which forms the gargantuan backdrop for his resonating vocals. So hold on to your hats folks, this is one heck of a ride.

The track starts, quietly with the orchestral music and 3Mind Blight’s dominant voice drawing listeners in by building a rich ambience, that has ethereal tones. As the track progresses, it’s pretty clear what this is doing, and when the sonic explosion arrives, you’re ready to soar alongside its euphoric and crushing tones. Before long, “This Web” roars into heavy, epic symphonic metal styled progressions. If there’s one thing to take away from this, it’s that 3Mind Blight sure knows how to compose an impacting entrance and transition.

The musical and vocal theatrics here are off the charts, carrying with it a massive spectacle. The changes of pacing and tone are masterful, transforming seamlessly between elements of symphony and chugging metal, which meet harmoniously.

The lyrical content is brilliant too, as 3Mind Blight’s draws out the drama and pathos of the narrative. The intensity is only increased further, as electrifying guitars and thundering drums blast into the mix, which is certainly a great contrast to the lighter, yet darker, moments.

“This Web” goes through a multitude of movements, feeling like a symphonic rollercoaster, and the intense atmosphere is foreboding throughout.  There are moments where the track becomes incredibly ferocious, while 3Mind Blight’s vocals hold the reins tightly.

His performance here is absolutely incredible. It’s magnificent, moody and majestic, all at the same time. His voice not only brings the storyline into the mix, it also perfectly enhances the essence and grand scale of the arrangement.

Thinking big is an intrinsic part of “This Web”. The pomp and splendor at the heart of “This Web” shines impressively, a testament to 3Mind Blight’s natural skill and creativity. Within only a few bars of this song we are reminded of the vast abilities of 3Mind Blight.

He has thrown his mark into this track, and again laid his soul bare on the line, forging that unmistakable connection between songwriter and listener. 3Mind Blight’s combination of control, tone, and emotion is elevated to the highest degree on this track.

“This Web” which drops officially on September 1st , is one of those songs that engulfs you, drawn by the soft beginnings of curiosity with 3Mind Blight’s classic, clean vocals, before you are treated to a set of awe-inspiring metal crescendos. Every element of this song works. It has an eloquence of simplicity whilst being soaked in grandeur. 3Mind Blight makes another quantum leap forward with this release.

Streams: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/3mindblight/this-web
Twitter: https://twitter.com/3mindblight
Bandcamp: https://3mindblight.bandcamp.com
Streams: https://songwhip.com/3mindblight

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