“Caution” by Mood & DaughtersFather – a hard-hitting and memorable listening experience

Written by on 20 March 2023

“Caution” by Mood & DaughtersFather is a hard-hitting rap track with bold and confident lyrics that speak to the duo’s bravado and skill.  The overall flow of the song is smooth, with each verse building on the previous one to create a diverse yet cohesive narrative. The beat is heavy and intense, perfectly complementing the powerful lyrics. The song’s production is excellent, with a clear and crisp mix that allows the vocals to shine. “Caution” is a track that rightfully sits alongside some of the best lyrical hip-hop records currently around. Everybody that enjoys the art of rap will acknowledge Mood & DaughtersFather work here, as must-have, a stone-cold classic for 2023 bringing the old school vibes. There’s even no need to scroll down to see what’s written here, because the song presents and promotes itself from the very first listen.

The first verse of “Caution” by Mood & DaughtersFather is packed with vivid imagery and raw, unfiltered language that pulls no punches. The rapper’s aggressive tone and in-your-face delivery fit perfectly with the intense, hard-hitting beat that drives the song forward. The opening line, “If it ain’t that muthafucking CHOPPA though, Boy you know I GOTS TO GO,” sets the tone for the rest of the verse, signaling that the rapper is always on the lookout for danger and is ready to take action when necessary.

The references to Harold and the stop-and-go suggest a street-level setting, and Mood & DaughtersFather’s willingness to engage in violence if necessary reinforces this impression. The line “Ain’t no fucking stopping once you start me though, I’m a mothafucking monster though” highlights the rapper’s confidence and aggressiveness, while the references to Game of Thrones and Kalisee add a pop culture twist to the mix. The use of metaphor and simile is also prevalent in the verse, with the rapper comparing himself to a monster, a fighter in a boxing match, and a character from Mortal Kombat. The line “Sicker than that sickle cell from infidels you dealing with” is particularly striking.

Overall, the first verse of “Caution” is a powerful and evocative piece of rap poetry, showcasing Mood & DaughtersFather’s skill as both lyricists and performers. The mix of street-level realism and pop culture references, combined with the raw energy and intensity, make for a compelling and unforgettable listening experience. “Caution”, also touches on various themes related to the future of technology and its impact on society. The second verse specifically references blockchains, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and Web 3.0, which are all technologies that are becoming increasingly important in the digital world.

“Block gang move block chains bitcoins and glock thangs” refers to the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, by those involved in street culture. The line may be interpreted as a nod to the increasing use of cryptocurrency as a means of conducting illicit transactions. The mention of “glock thangs” also adds to the streetwise, rough-and-tumble feel of the verse.  The lyrics reference “oppression” and “taking possession,” which could be interpreted as a commentary on the way that blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are disrupting traditional power structures and empowering individuals to take control of their own financial and digital lives.

The verse also touches on the themes of power, control, and ownership. Mood & DaughtersFather mention “Web 3 spread like disease all my ‘G’s platinum NFT’s gettin’ cheddar cheese racks hemorrhaging ship it overseas then crown me king please”. The line suggests that the rappers are profiting from their involvement in these new technologies, and that they are using the power and influence that comes with their position to make a significant impact on the world. NFT’s are non-fungible tokens that are used to represent unique digital assets. These tokens are created using blockchain technology, which enables them to be securely and transparently traded without the need for intermediaries.

Overall, the second verse of “Caution” suggests that Mood & DaughtersFather is deeply invested in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, and that they see these technologies as a way to disrupt traditional power structures and empower individuals to take control of their own digital and financial lives.

Overall, “Caution” is an impressive display of Mood & DaughtersFather’s lyrical ability, confidence, and style. The track is well-produced by beatmaker 19 01 Castl 1719 and perfectly mixed and mastered by Andrey Paschenko. Together, the performance and production crew, create a hard-hitting and memorable listening experience. Fans of hip-hop and rap will appreciate the skillful wordplay and Mood & DaughtersFather’s confident deliveries, making “Caution” a standout track in their own discography, and on any fan’s playlist.

OFFICIAL LINKS: https://soundcloud.com/daughtersfather-1/caution

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