King Lo is focused on taking his team to new heights

Written by on 14 December 2021

Luis or King Lo is a talented and independent music artist from Syracuse, New York. He stepped foot into the music industry back in 2017 and has been on the grind ever since to produce the best music. His favorite producer to work with is Danny1of1, and they have recently dropped a new track named ‘Asphalt,’ which you can catch on iTunes and Spotify. His inspiration involves all dreamers with goals and ambitions, as he is a dreamer himself.

King Lo had some rough phases where he contemplated giving up on music, but his passion for the art stopped him from doing this. He is very dedicated to his craft and has a loyal fan base that enjoys his music. King Lo had his share of problems through life but never let them dull his shine. Ever since he was young, King Lo would spend hours observing the music game and industry to improve his craft and only got better.

From a young age, it was clear that King Lo was musically gifted and would be a hit in the industry. He dreams of opening shows for his favorite singers such as Polo G, Lil Baby, and Lil Durk, all of whom are highly accomplished artists. King Lo does not wish to do any free features and is focused on taking his team, TEAM BEAST ENTERTAINMENT (TBE), to new heights. He is also open to any collaborations with other musical artists and wishes to expand his domain.

King’s first performance was at the Great NYS Fair for the first time this year. The audience vibed like never before, and the event was a major success. King Lo is currently working on his new singles, EPs, and videos until he garners a sufficient fan base to drop a debut album. Until then, King Lo is scheduled to release more music going into next year. With his impeccable talent and exceptional zeal for music, King Lo is here to be the next rising star of America!

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