Manuel Riva x Alexandra Stan – “Heal Your Soul” s stunning in its musical and vocal execution

Written by on 17 April 2022

EMA nominee for best Romanian Act, Manuel Riva is a Billboard charting dance music producer and DJ, with a solid record of accomplishment. His hits such as “Mhm Mhm”, “Sacred Touch”, “Hey Now”, “Miami” and “What Mama Said” have been played worldwide, and are still being supported by some of the most famous DJs in the world, such us Tiesto, Fedde LeGrand and Cosmic Gate. Songstress Alexandra Stan made her musical debut with the single “Lollipop”, while smashes like “Mr. Saxobeat”, “Lemonade” and “Get Back (ASAP)” brought her into the spotlight of international music. Throughout her career, Alexandra has released four albums, which include dozens of chart-topping hits and collaborations with artists like Daddy Yankee, Havana, Mohombi, Manuel Riva and the Australian DJ duo, NERVO.

Manuel Riva and Alexandra Stan recently found themselves under a dark cloud, so they decided to share those feelings through music, to transform that suffering into heartfelt lyrics and dance rhythms. This is how the stellar collaborative single, “Heal Your Soul” came into being. Songs like this single, are somehow understated and explosive at the same time, conveying an emotional ambivalence that reflects the time and effort spent putting together something as impressive and immersive as this.

“Heal Your Soul” is yearning, affliction and healing, conveyed in blissful, sparkling perfection. It is the collaborative duo’s best work to date, and, in my eyes, is without a doubt one of the best singles of its kind so far in 2022. The amalgamation of melancholy and uplifting is essential to give people hope in tough times. This song does exactly that: it is lyrically profound, and musically euphoric. “Heal Your Soul” is an unmissable treat; in just over three emotional minutes Manuel Riva and Alexandra Stan guide you through the ultimate heartfelt groove.

Manuel Riva leads the production by instinct, giving it space to grow and develop organically. This intuitive approach continues allowing the song to gradually reveal itself as a masterpiece, by building an immersive structure around a complex expression of emotion. Riva lets the textures and vibe of his beat do the work, and it is a salute to the restorative power of music and movement. There isn’t a hook, chorus or instrument out of place. “Heal Your Soul” feels like a statement. It feels well thought-out. You can tell you’re dealing with the real thing.

“Heal Your Soul” is stunning, both in its musical execution and the gentle yet forceful unfurling of its emotional journey. For all her deft expressions of complex emotions, Alexandra Stan is also talented at transforming any repetitive platitudes into something otherworldly. Its frankly impossible not to feel inspired or hopeful when you hear Alexandra sing: “I will heal your soul tonight. There’s an open door for you and I. If you’ll loosen up control. Breathe out. I will heal your soul tonight. Let me catch you when you’re falling down.” Alexandra Stan sings in crystal-clear lines, with geometric beauty and soulful sincerity.

“Heal Your Soul” has deep understanding of human emotion, and what moves us. Manuel Riva and Alexandra Stan successfully transcend the medium, and push the single into the realms of electronic art. The song has depth, richness and an enveloping atmosphere, which is intricately woven together. By the end of the song, several things are evident: the track stands as a product of authenticity and pursuit of creative vision. It is a fine example of the masterful blending of dance trends with sincere lyricism.

“In a time when more and more people need comfort and strength, this song is about helping others when they’re down, as much as it is about acknowledging our own need for help. It’s a record that we’re both really proud of,” said Manuel Riva.

“Music can be therapeutic. No matter the genre. And you know that I like to play with my voice on different types of sounds. This time I wrote and sang Heal Your Soul with Manuel Riva, on his new single. And I love it,” states Alexandra Stan.


Manuel Riva:
Alexandra Stan:


Manuel Riva x Alexandra Stan – Heal Your Soul
Performed by: Manuel Riva, Alexandra Stan
Written by: Manuel Riva, Alexandra Stan
Produced by: Manuel Riva

Label: Roton/ Forward Agency/ Universal Music Romania

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