Presley Duyck – “Juliet” – triumphantly shows the producer and the singer working at full capacity

Written by on 24 September 2021

Presley Duyck, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Dallas, TX, started singing even before she could talk, and attempted to start a band called The Everyday Heartbreakers in kindergarten, without knowing how to play any instruments. That music was her calling is made evident by the release of her third single, “Juliet”. The song follows her glorious debut, with the 80’s pop tinted “Passenger Seat”, and her acclaimed sophomore single “Happy 22!”

The collaboration between Presley Duyck and her producer Chris Garcia is built on a shared musical vocabulary of rock, folk, vibrantly organic instrumentation and pure talent. When the moment calls for it, Presley can evoke powerful rock atmospherics, and when she needs to be introspective, she can pile on enough melodic storytelling warmth to weave you into her captivating web. The latter is what she does magnificently on “Juliet”.

“Juliet’s” strummed acoustic-guitar-driven arrangement, showcases Chris Garcia vibrant musical backdrop which remains loose, subtle and still very much in the pocket. It becomes a catalyst for the song’s unwavering groove and intoxicating vibe. The cut also displays Garcia’s uncanny ability to fit so many different sounds into an instrumental without it getting too busy. The final product triumphantly shows the producer and the singer working at full capacity.

Here Garcia and Duyck use the song to move beyond the limits of their respective reservoirs, all the while retaining a succinct emotional core. Presley Duyck’s voice is sweet, sophisticated and precise within the kinetic momentum, allowing for a natural juxtaposition of beat, melody and gracious Americana instrumental swells. Presley’s voice is absolutely stunning in its simplicity here, and matches the refreshing feeling of the track.

There is a radiant vitality to the mid-tempo composition which deals out an epic tale of love and all of its intricacies. “He was sixteen when he ran away. He had nothing, nowhere to stay, but he kept on calling her name. But she never ever came,” recites the opening lines, while laying down the foundation for what is to follow.

What truly allows this record to remain engaging and dynamic is the level of chemistry between the narrative, the voice and the music. While Presley Duyck’s storytelling voice creates a hypnotic and captivating universe all its own.

Overall, “Juliet” serves as yet another satisfying and accomplished showcase for Presley Duyck’s talents. As a musical experience, she creates an extremely heartfelt and ear-warming world, allowing listeners to get lost in it while broadening her style from her prior releases.

It may seem easy to create a project that coasts along smoothly and plays to the artist’s strengths, while at the same time entrancing listeners. But this is not the case, and requires a special kind of talent to achieve. A talent that Presley Duyck so obviously possesses.

Presley Duyck transcends previous works to create a remarkable, yet simply structured song made charmingly attractive by its clarity of delivery. “Juliet” exemplifies the singer-songwriter’s development, with powerful lyrical imagery and an arrangement style that perfectly befits her vocals. It’s a beguiling template for a masterful work from a young artist who continues to display exciting levels of artistic growth.


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