Project21 – “Attack The Masses” ft. Y’urs, Jah Ghatti and Marlon B opposes the tyranny of the establishment

Written by on 4 August 2022

Project21 features a grand collaboration of artists from Germany, Jamaica, Ireland, Spain and Wales who connected through Covid-19 lockdowns. It was during the height of the pandemic that the humanitarian, naturist, and enigmatic artist, Y’urs, became deeply disturbed, by the ongoing and increasing tyranny of the establishment and its associated machinery, geared to dominating and suppressing populations by any means necessary, if they did not toe the line of the mainstream narrative. Based in Germany, Y’urs proceeded to operate out of Ireland and Jamaica in a quest to connect and support artists as they all strived to overcome periods of lockdowns, restrictions and isolation.

Jah Ghatti

Project21 soon started to connect and collaborate. Singer and author Jah Gatti, multi-instrumentalist and producer Mike Lindauer, guitarist Alex Auer and producer and guitarist Nick Brine, joined Y’urs in releasing Project21’s debut single “Out Of The Dark” – a song she wrote for “freedom, peace, love and free expression…into the light.”

The collaborative group of anarchic avant-garde artists also set up non-profit benevolent fund in the UK, called Not Santa, which will also be extended to Jamaica, to help grassroots music develop and for local musicians to be able to thrive and further their careers with help, knowledge and financial support.

In the meantime, Y’urs and Project21 have not interrupted their creative processes and now bring to the table their latest single release, “Attack The Masses”, featuring Y’urs, Jah Ghatti and Marlon B. Released by way of Flip Flop Records, on July 29, the track was produced by Y’urs, Mike Lindauer and Nick Brine.

Marlon B

When you feel discouraged, confused or helpless, finding comfort in motivational songs like “Attack The Masses” becomes almost necessary. You will be amazed at the power of this inspirational tune as its smooth melody and meticulous reggae-pop groove, proves to be miraculously boosting to a tired and tried soul.

In these trying times, we tend to lose focus due to incessant and dictatorial propaganda. Let “Attack The Masses” remind you of your place and purpose in life, and bring back your motivation.

Setting out to do something unconceivable is very much possible, and history has numerous records to prove it. You just need to start somewhere, stand your ground, and stay together. “Please don’t give up your biggest treasure…personality. Please don’t give up your biggest treasure…nature,” exclaims Y’urs in the song’s opening lines, as its conscious narrative unfolds.

“They’ll pay, for the things that they’ve done. They’ll pay for the murders or daughters and sons. I’ll leave no stone unturned,” replies Jah Ghatti in a chilling delivery.

Nick Brine

“Hold On, hold on, people be strong. Hold on, hold on, it won’t be too long,” repeats the uplifting refrain. If you are strong, no obstacle can stop you from achieving what you intend to. You and only you should get to make choices for your life.

The only person that has the power to make it happen is you, and that is what “Attack The Masses”, in a way, is a reminder of. Project21 teaches you to keep the fire burning within your heart and win, even against the unfairly stacked odds.

The creatively authored lyrics in “Attack The Masses” use different elements to portray its message powerfully, while the meticulous production is infectiously warm and groove-inducing.

Music is the language of the soul, no matter what culture you are from, or the language that you speak. No one seems to understand that better than Y’urs and Project21. “Attack The Masses” reminds us of our true worth and potential in this world.


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