Social Distance – “I’m Outside Your House” – a short story turned epic!

Written by on 17 January 2022

The true scope L.A. punk rock group, Social Distance’s talent, is most prevalent in their single “I’m Outside Your House”. With straight-talking lyricism and dynamic instruments, this track is a must-listen for any fans of punk, rock or alternative music. The verses are bombastic, with pounding drums, rumbling bass, and screeching guitars — all crescendoing to explosive vocals. This is the work of the power trio – Lead singer and bassist LateNite Leah, guitarist Mike Duran and drummer Kris Kotton. The single reminds us of a time when rock and punk was celebrated in a big way on mainstream airwaves. It brings us plenty of nostalgia for the good old days, and the fact that Social Distance are heading off in a completely different musical direction to the rest of musical world right now, is to be celebrated.

A duration of 2 minutes and forty-one seconds, which contains a runaway rhythm, gut busting guitars and thrashing drums, preserves the core qualities of vintage punk.  The euphoric vocals and the straight to the point lyrics add to the equation: “I wanna shock you with my ray gun. I wanna shock you right now. I wanna shock you with my ray gun. I’m outside your house. You know you like it. I’ll stay all night. Oh baby don’t fight it. I’ll shoot you right. Don’t call the FBI. Don’t call the CIA. Don’t call your mom and dad. Just call me every night.”

“I’m Outside Your House” lives up to its ambition.  Every word feels necessary, while the story-and-message’ element is as evident through the sonic flow as it is in the lyrics. The song is boiled down and focused so much in the moment – in music, politics, social behavior, and the necessity of action in place of comfort, to a core point, frenetic, frantic and massively smart. Punk rock really doesn’t become more authentic-sounding than this single, in the 21st century.

Mike Duran’s guitar is often a sheet of blazing noise that feels like a corrugated aluminum wall, smashing in your face, at other times a soulful fiery swirl. LateNite Leah’s bass rumbles along and digs deep, standing out enough to matter and add something more than rhythm and bottom end.

Kris Kotton’s drums gallop, smash and crash, making sure that the momentum is never lost. No rules need to be reinvented here, from the get go Social Distance know exactly what to do, to keep their genre alive and thriving.

“I’m Outside Your House” is a tactile pleasure, something immediate that sticks with you. The song from hits like a ton of bricks, not just a relentless grind but an explosive release, tempered and leavened by great musical moments which stand out all the more dramatically, in a genre usually associated with elementary musicianship.

The song is a short story turned epic, and punched into the ears of its audience. At once explosive and outspoken, “I’m Outside Your House” is buried amidst refined musicality and punk rock thunder.


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