DJ Forrest Getemgump – ‘One Time’ has a meticulous sound

Written by on 7 November 2022

Coming back from the wilderness after a long sabbatical, DJ Forrest Getemgump returns with his brand new single titled One Time. A transcendental Deep House affair, it strikes an exquisite pose as the luscious warm beats create a world of constantly evolving sound. It is hardly surprising that One Time hits all the right notes when you consider the legacy of Forrest’s career to date.

DJ Forrest Getemgump

Growing up in New York, its beating heart was always the nightclubs, and he became a veteran partygoer at iconic venues such as Sound Factory, The Sound Factory Bar, House Nation, The Shelter, Vinyl, 20 West and Mars.

Those intoxicating nights surrounded by dancers headed by Voodoo Ray and Barbara Tucker underneath the musical direction of DJs like Kenny Carpenter, Masters at Work, Tony Humphries and Todd Terry, set him on a path to a career in the booth from which he has never looked back.

Sitting on a Soulful Deep House groove with flourishes of four on the floor, Forrest now occupies a space where his music can once again give oxygen back to the dancefloor as it recovers from the tortuous years of the pandemic.

With One Time, his music is full of the freedom so difficult to find in a Deep House groove. Melodic, supported by a fluctuating bass and punctuated with spoken word that adds so much texture to the track, it is truly destined for the crates of the peer group he so admires.

Already road-tested and ticking the boxes in the sweaty maelstrom of the clubs, One Time marks the renaissance of Forrest’s reign behind the decks. Rhythm and Tempo oscillate and swim through the night towards a future that knows no bounds. With more releases ready to drop on a monthly basis, the flow of work will propel him towards the ranks of the mighty.

One Time is not the destination, it is the beginning of a new journey to new horizons. His decades of experiences give him that innate knowledge to make all audiences move to his eternal groove. There is never only One Time to discover the world of DJ Forrest Getemgump. If the meticulous sound of his latest track is anything to go by, you will meet him several times over in an embrace of music that can never be denied.


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