DoosC – ‘La Plata’ is the result of an experiment

Written by on 9 October 2021

La Plata is the result of an experiment, where the starting point was the selection of a random place on Google Street View. The chance fell on the city of La Plata in Argentina. The single is built around what inspired the city of DoosC. The idea of the track is to make a modern EDM track inspired by traditional musical elements typical of Argentina.

For example the chord progression is based on a typical tango chord progression in A minor. Also the water drums you can hear in the track are inspired by those of indigenous tribes from early Argentina. The main lead has a very distinctive electronic character that is not without reminding the Andean flute. And the unusual ¾ time signature gives a Latino groove to the rhythm.

What others have to say: “I think La Plata is an awesome original track from DoosC! You can really feel the DoosC style at work here.” – WaterSlash


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