Dylan Frater – ‘Mexico’ is about memories of being on the beach…

Written by on 2 August 2022

Dylan Frater releases nostalgic summer pop tune ‘Mexico’. Mexico is the first song from Frater’s upcoming sophomore album ‘salt’. “I kind of wrote it about memories I have of being on the beach with friends and my girlfriend at the time. We were all heading off in different directions in life and it felt like a defining moment.” Frater says the song doesn’t really have much to do with Mexico. “I had a friend who I was spending a lot of time with. When she told me she was going to Mexico I just wrote a note in my phone – There’s a hundred ways to pack up and go, one she left for Mexico”. Frater says the lyric stayed in his phone for a few years and then he brought it back for the new song.

Fraters music is often nostalgic and reflects on seasons of his life and seasons in the literal sense too. “From Winter to Winter, my debut album, was all written in winter. So that album is very heavy and dense. But there’s lyrics in it where I’m definitely hinting a new season and where my music might be heading”.

Frater says he’s been pleased with how people have responded to ‘Mexico’ and that its performed better then he thought it would. “I was really nervous about releasing this song; I guess I wasn’t sure if people would get it. I obsessed over the production, as I really wanted it to sound much different to my previous work. It’s a lot more in the pop direction then the winter stuff, which is more folk. But I’m excited with the way it’s evolving”.

Frater says he can’t be sure when the new album ‘Salt’ will be ready for release. He says it will “drop when it’s ready” but that he has always known it would be called ‘Salt’. “I think that title is only thing I’m really sure about! I’m definitely on a journey here. But It will be a summer album in terms of the colors and tone. Doesn’t mean it won’t have some melancholy stuff too. I think in general I’m much happier in myself, so the album is going to reflect that”.


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