‘Excogitation’ – One Of Them’s Latest Release on Artificial Owl Recordings

Written by on 17 August 2023

After being featured on BBC 6 Radio and the Ambient Focus show, Artificial Owl Recordings is excited to announce the 4th release and the return of One Of Them ( Niko Dalagelis ) and his new work ‘Excogitation’. Two extended ethereal and atmospheric ambient works created in the winter of 2023 aiming to provoke thought and spark imagination by exploring various sonic textures and tonalities.

The use of a randomized sequence triggering a SH-01A and a Digitone are the main ingredients here and the focus, to encourage the listener to turn inward, and engage with their thoughts, feelings, past and future. Through the marriage of subtle tones, resonating frequencies, and carefully curated effects, both tracks aim to transport the listener on a serene sonic journey, fostering a harmonious connection between the mind and the music. Inspired by unconventional thinking that stimulated the imagination of the coming spring and beyond.

“I tried to open a gateway to a state of blissful self-exploration. Through enchanting tones, soothing atmospheres, and contemplative nuances, this work acts as an auditory catalyst, fostering a connection between the listener’s consciousness and the musical experience.”

Release date set for 28-9-2023 and will be available in a limited edition (300 copies) 12” vert green vinyl.

Artificial Owl Recordings Bandcamp


Listen to One Of Them aka Niko Dalagelis.

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