Ghost in the Machine Return with ‘Enemy of the State’ and ‘Operation G.I.T.M.’

Written by on 25 October 2023

Ghost in the Machine Returns with Two Electrifying Singles – ‘Enemy of the State’ and ‘Operation G.I.T.M.’ – Unleashing a Sonic Uprising Against Oppression and Espionage

“We are excited about our new songs Enemy of the State and Operation G.I.T.M.! They have the classic GITM sound and there is some retro throwback to them but also some new ideas. Operation G.I.T.M. is a collab with Honey B Sweet and she brings a different dimension – it was awesome to work with her! – Ghost in the Machine

Los Angeles, CA – The eminent electro-industrial powerhouse, Ghost in the Machine, comprised of the enigmatic virtuosos C4 and Face, is set to once again unleash a breathtaking wave of auditory insurgency with their latest offerings – the riveting singles ‘Enemy of the State’ and ‘Operation G.I.T.M.’ which drop on 10/31/2023. Embarking on a visceral journey through the tangled web of corrupt power structures and clandestine battles, Ghost in the Machine’s newest releases promise an exhilarating blend of raw emotion, pulsating beats, and incendiary lyricism. For fans of Linkin Park, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Papa Roach, and cyberpunk.

‘Enemy of the State’ – A Dystopian Anthem of Resilience and Rebellion

As a reflection of the tumultuous modern political landscape, ‘Enemy of the State’ stands tall as an unyielding emblem of defiance against the shackles of despotism. Composed as a resonating outcry for liberation, the track forges an apocalyptic soundscape, unfurling relentless industrial electronic beats and an unapologetic fusion of robust basslines and searing guitars. Ghost in the Machine draws inspiration from the unsettling geopolitical turmoil of recent times, transforming it into a haunting yet empowering narrative that transcends mere musical boundaries.

‘Operation G.I.T.M.’ – A High-Octane Ode to Covert Machinations and Intrigue

Delving deeper into the shadows of clandestine warfare, ‘Operation G.I.T.M.’ encapsulates the clandestine battle for emancipation against a suffocating regime. The track detonates with an explosive amalgamation of off-beat rhythms, serrated guitars, and a blazing vocal delivery that ensnares the listener in a whirlwind of adrenaline-fueled tension. Featuring the dynamic Australian vocalist Honey B Sweet, the song introduces a new dimension of enigmatic allure, portraying a double-agent narrative that adds layers of intrigue and deception to the Ghost in the Machine universe.

A Musical Legacy Entwined with Global Culture

Ghost in the Machine’s musical prowess extends far beyond their latest releases. Renowned for their masterful fusion of intricate lyricism, thundering rhythms, and rich electronic undertones, the duo has seamlessly embedded their sonic tapestries into the very fabric of 21st-century culture. Their tracks have echoed across an array of multimedia platforms, including prominent television series such as “Mistresses (ABC),” “Madam Secretary (CBS),” “Arrow (CW),” “Miss USA (NBC),” and “Raising Hope (FOX).” Notably, their music has also graced the silver screen, resonating within feature films and indie productions like “The Marine 4: Moving Target,” “H2O Extreme,” “Frakenhood,” “Ace of Hearts,” and “Shred.” Additionally, the commercial domain has been no stranger to the Ghost in the Machine aura, with corporate giants such as Gymkhana, Optima Batteries, Red Bull, and Monster Energy seamlessly integrating their compelling melodies into their brand narratives.

A Sonic Respite Amidst Chaotic Realities

In an era marred by uncertainty and chaos, Ghost in the Machine emerges as a guiding beacon of resilience, advocating a powerful message of transcendence through the enigmatic marriage of melody and meaning. C4 and Face are not mere musicians; they are architects of sonic landscapes, utilizing their guitars as instruments of liberation, weaving an intricate auditory web that ensnares the soul and liberates the spirit.

About Ghost in the Machine:

Ghost in the Machine is an electro-industrial duo consisting of the visionary artists C4 and Face. With a musical repertoire characterized by thunderous grooves, enthralling guitars, and ethereal electronics, the duo has cemented their presence within the annals of contemporary music, carving a distinct niche for themselves with their thought-provoking compositions and electrifying performances.



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