Gotti Mirano is now one of modern rap’s great underground shapeshifters

Written by on 2 July 2022

Biting and abrasive in the best kind of ways, Gotti Mirano’s releases, find an artist stepping up into the hype that’s been surrounding him for years, and delivering on it tenfold. Gotti is now one of modern rap’s great underground shapeshifters. Since emerging from Garland Texas, the trap metal artist has made it his business to rage against any attempts to categorize or brand his work.

Past releases may have bounced between various influences and blended styles. However, his intense delivery and molten flows make sure he always stands out as the real star in his music. Gotti Mirano understands things in the game most people are still trying to grasp.

Gotti’s talent for predicting the sound of the future makes him one of the most creative and forward-thinking young artists making music today. Everything about him feels antithetical to the dour mainstream. Gotti Mirano’s confident and aggressive energy holds his projects together. Gotti stays in your face and keeps pushing, until you start to get used to the fact that no matter what style he chooses, he executes it flawlessly.

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