Musical Confessions: Pop Daddy’s ‘Screenshots – EP’

Written by on 15 September 2023

ViennaCC, known as Pop-Daddy, publishes his new masterpiece: “Screenshots – EP”. This musical journey takes us through the vivid snapshots of life, each note a pixel in the grand tapestry, every note a brushstroke on the canvas of emotions. With a leitmotif that whispers of passion and romance, ViennaCC is “Not Averse to an Amour” fearlessly embracing the “Game of Love”. Yet, like many of us, he ventured into the digital realm of online dating, filled with hope. “Ten Minutes Love” explores the modern phenomenon of online dating and the mix of hope and disappointment that can come with it, all while using allegorical elements and comparisons to convey the narrative.

But beneath the surface, he discovered that this digital affection was fleeting, leaving him only thinking: “All I Can Say”. “When the Cats Come Out” is not just a simple story about cats frolicking in the moonlight, but a profound allegory about women in the exciting nightlife. Upon first hearing the tune, one might be enchanted by the catchy melody and playful lyrics that conjure up images of mischievous cats. The texts, adorned with allegorical wealth, draw a lively picture of a parallel world in which women enjoy the freedom of the night like graceful cats. So the song is a metaphor for women in nightlife.

Music video “When the Cats Come Out”:

ViennaCC’s melodies, like threads of emotion, weave throughout the album. The arrangements blend synthesizers and guitars, creating a fusion of pop-rock that invites the listener to the dance floor. In this rhythmic journey, there is a slower, introspective moment in “Moments Turn to Memory,” where ViennaCC pays tribute to the indelible moments in life, the very “screenshots of life” that inspired this album’s name. With this song ViennaCC is trying to imitate a US country singer. He showcases his musical versatility, like an artist exploring new palettes.

Behind this artistic creation stands ViennaCC, a true maestro. From songwriting to production, he crafts his symphonies in his own studio. He extends his artistry into music videos, a true visual poet. And yet, his creativity knows no bounds, as he continues to explore photography and drawing, like a modern Renaissance soul.

ViennaCC, a creative bohemian, has adorned his musical journey with accolades. His presence in the Top Ten of World Indie Music Charts and European Indie Music Charts with a few songs has been a testament to his talent. Awards from film festivals and nominations at music events are the laurels of his artistry.

As “Screenshots – EP” is unveiled to the world, we are invited to take a glimpse into the soul of ViennaCC, a musician who paints with sound, a poet of melodies. This album is a showcase of the enduring power of music to capture the essence of life’s most poignant moments, where every note is a timeless screenshot of the heart.

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