Nerijus Glezekas’ latest single ‘Global Control’ has been released

Written by on 15 October 2021

Nerijus Glezekas (born 8 April 1985) is an American singer, musician and songwriter of the band The Relevant. He is recognized for his musicianship, substantial lyrical work and charismatic stage personality. Nerijus was born in Kaunas, Lithuania and started his music career early- at the age of 8 when he got his first drum set and showed a tremendous interest in it. His first musical performance on drums at the age of 14 ended in a standing ovation and a first article in one of the local newspapers.

At 16 Glezekas moved to Illinois in USA and immediately started looking for bands to play with. In 2005 he joined a newly formed band Heart – Set Self Destruct which accumulated many local shows and numerous national acts. Being a minor he was “forced” to borrow someone else’s ID to be able to play most of the venues. Heart- Set Self Destruct had released two full length albums and got signed under Soundmine Music Works. But soon after Nerijus Glezekas decided to part ways with the band and started writing his own original music. He recorded two full length albums to which he recorded all of the instruments himself. Not long after, Nerijus started a search for other musicians with same passion to form a long-term band. In 2017 the band called The Relevant was formed.

Nerijus Glezekas is a composer of The Relevant songs. His created lyrics incorporate indirect messages of psychological, political, and social injustice matter. Great majority of the songs are written during dark months of the year- fall and winter, and bear colossal emotional attachment to each one of them. Glezekas’ lyrics are stories based on historic events, undeniable social and environmental issues and hypothetical affection hardship. Every lyric is thought through to be felt through by the listener.

Don’t Give Up is a song about Lithuanian partisan war against the Soviets. Nerijus Glezekas’ great-grandfather Kazimieras Venckaitis was a secret communicator between Lithuanians. He had played an enormous role in Partisan war resulting in disastrous Siberian exile of the whole family. Nerijus had heard this story many times growing up and got inspired to sing about it.

Song Exile is based on a true story about Glezekas’ grandmother and her family being exiled to Siberia by Soviets after WWII. She has spent nearly 10 years in a hard-labor camp before escaping it. This song reflects a harsh reality of uncertainty, inhumane conditions and longing for home.

Global Control was inspired on the notion of running the vicious circle- we as humans are playing the same game throughout the centuries- never ending race to rule, to gain, to capture. Endless appetite for money and profits. And we can’t ever wear down. The further we go, the more interesting it gets (sadly). Through Glezekas’ eyes and understanding we can’t let to be divided- world isn’t just red or blue, black or white- there are many gorgeous shades in between.

Nerijus Glezekas’ latest single Global Control has been released. This song is available for purchase on iTunes:



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