PET ADOPTION ROCKS – Sofi Berro – A Dedicated Rock Mission for Pet Adoption

Written by on 7 July 2023

#PetAdoptionRocks Brings Talented Musicians Together to Save Homeless Pets Worldwide

Clay Joule began his animal music campaign Pet Adoption Rocks in January 2022! Since then, he’s successfully used music to spread good messages regarding abandoned animals. What leads further is that more creative artists around the world are eager to give to the Joule train’s noble cause. It’s a blast.  “I Feel the Earth Move,” Carole King’s smash single, gets a magnificent new music video now by Truwan Studio as a cover performance.  Have you seen Sofi Berro’s performance in the music video? She is truly one of the kind!   When I had a chance to ask Sofi for the first time, she said – relax y’all. I support this cause. I’ll finish and record this favorite cover of mine at Truwan Studio this weekend no later. Thank Sofi for helping animals everywhere. She took the extra mile to produced a great music video footage and her vocals are amazing. Want to know something more intriguing? Her message. She’s proving that adopting pets is worthwhile even in tough times.  Pet at most time do turn human’s life around with their profound existence. The best mental therapy anyone can ever have.

Discuss about Sofi Berro. She cares deeply about stray and abandoned ones out here. Her compassion is remarkable.  Her distinctive voice makes a difference in getting the message out to the fans.  She’s following her heart and supporting #PetAdoptionRocks with her passion!  No doubt the world listens when she sings and it inspires you to help those adorable creatures.  As a dance lover, I also found out about “La Piel del Tiempo”‘s November 2017 Buenos Aires performance which Sofi took part of.

Her dedication to the piano before university was also to take note of. She studied piano at the esteemed ‘Fracassi’ school since she wanted to be a good musician with all of the passion. Her life revolves around piano and lyricism. Her devotion to her goals and delving into the music industry is impressive. Her progress under such hardwork is remarkable. That she enjoyed studying film scoring and music production at UCA University is also wildening her scope being as an artist.

Adopting a pet may alter a life. This occurrence will likely transform your and the animal’s lives as well.  Pet-human friendships are unmatched. It’s amazing. Pets may improve your life. This act of fam boosts mood and happiness. What’s more amazing? Adopting a pet gives it a second opportunity for happiness and mental health. You’ve shown them love and attention, allowing to achieve one’s  dream of endless hugs. This triumph is all yours, go adopt one, wait no further.

“I Feel the Earth Move” music video is absolutely amazing. Clay Joule and Truwan Studio’s YouTube channels is got some sick creative stuff.  I personally enjoyed and had fun.  If you ever devote such dedication to lend your helping hands to the abandoned animals; Buddy, you are doing a tremendous good deed.  My friend, this will transform your life I guaranteed.  You are going to go on a magnificent adventure with your love pet,  where you’ll become a hero and improve yourself and benefit others. You got a forever friend.

I FEEL THE EARTH MOVE Music Video –  or you can find this song on the PET ADOPTION ROCKS playlist here:  Clay Joule & Truwan Studio Youtube Channel:

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