Reggie Dopeikon Sandiford is a true fashion enthusiast in his heart!

Written by on 1 December 2021

Reggie Dopeikon Sandiford is the next superstar in the fashion industry. Currently, he is 40 years old but has been invested in the fashion industry since he was 16 years old—a long time. To him, fashion isn’t just a career, but a lifestyle. He’s currently striving to make a mark on the fashion industry and it seems like he’ll be very successful. Despite the ups and downs that he faced in the fashion industry; he has never quit. Instead, he has seen this as a challenge and evolved from there. Along the way, he has gained notoriety, which has only made him more popular and unbeatable.

His biggest inspiration and support have been his parents who have always stood by him and supported his dreams. Other people who have inspired him are Ozwald, Virgil Abloh, Tom Ford, and Boateng. These are just some of the few people who he looks up to. A long time ago, he was told by Daymon John, a creator and designer at FUBU, and who is now hosting Shark Tank, to consider a career in fashion. Daymond felt that Reggie had all the makings of someone who could thrive in the fashion industry.

At the time, he was already planning to make a career in fashion and entertainment. In fact, that had been his plan since a very young age. But it was only after being in that meeting and hearing this statement from someone as renowned as Daymond John that Reggie became motivated to pursue this career very seriously.

His favorite people in the fashion industries and whom he also looks up to include Lenny Kravits, Idris Elba and Virgil Abloh. These are superstars in the industry and they know how it works. In fact, the first fashion show that Reggie walked down was with none other than Kenneth Cole.

Once he walked down the aisle (so to speak), he couldn’t get enough of that. He knew this was the place where he belonged. From there, he moved on to the styling and making creative contributions to fashion giants such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Paul Smith and more. He wants to influence people with fashion and make them fall in love with it. He also hopes to work with different notable companies or creative individuals and do his part to leave a legacy in this industry. Reggie is a true fashion enthusiast in his heart!


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