The Live Album Reimagined: Silvermouse Introduces ‘Beyond’ – A Musical Revelation

Written by on 18 November 2023

Recorded Live at the Earthship in Aguada, Puerto Rico, Silvermouse’s latest venture offers listeners an immersive psycho-spiritual journey. Silvermouse, the prodigious psychedelic duo becoming known for their compelling soundscapes enhanced with brainwave entrainment signals, is thrilled to unveil their latest body of work: “Beyond.” This album, resulting from a powerful collaboration between the Livetronica duo and the renowned Monroe Institute, pushes the boundaries of music and consciousness.

“Beyond” is a meticulously crafted 73-minute auditory voyage designed to be savored from start to finish. At a time when the music industry is inundated with singles and bite-sized tracks produced for the algorithm, Silvermouse beckons listeners to indulge in an album experience in the truest sense of the art form.

With eight entrancing tracks, each embedded with Monroe Sound Science signals accurately tuned to octaves of the frequency of the color blue, the album facilitates a unique altered state of consciousness. When combined with Silvermouse’s signature sound, these specific frequencies create an all-encompassing mental space that supports adventures into the subtle yet ecstatic experience.

The magic of “Beyond” was captured live at Earthship PR in Aguada, Puerto Rico, on October 21st, 2023. The authenticity and raw energy of the live recording bring a tangible depth and connection to the listening experience. The sound, the enchanting, sustainable, and inspirational space, and the collective energies of the audience participants all merge in a piece of music, valuing more than the sum of its parts.

Over the 15 years that they have been playing together, Silvermouse has consistently pushed the envelope, exploring the intricate dance between music and the human psyche. They have merged live electronica and live instrumentals, creating their distinct language – and one cohesive world of sound.

Their dedication to cosmic existence, nature, and groundbreaking sound experimentation has garnered them a loyal fanbase, eager for each new musical adventure. The 2024 tour, set to showcase this new material, promises a multisensory experience that transcends the traditional concert paradigm.

As the anticipation for “Beyond” builds, one thing is clear: Silvermouse continues to pioneer a genre that not only pleases the ear but touches the soul. The album, released November 15, 2023, promises an immersive journey that defies convention and challenges our perceptions of what music can be. Prepare to delve deep as Silvermouse takes you on a transformative ride “Beyond” imagination.

About Silvermouse

Silvermouse weaves mind-bending psychedelic soundscapes, drawing from roots in UK rave culture and American jam rock. Distinguished by bass and violin, grounding synths, percussive rhythms, flying guitar riffs, and signature spiraling improvisational live performances, the duo’s muses are nature and cosmic existence. Silvermouse’s current exploration of brainwave entrainment in live music, ‘Psychoactive,’ is a deep journeying dive into the potential of music as a psychoactive entity. The pair have been elevating their sound with spatial audio and Monroe Sound Science, using brainwave entrainment signals to create a safe container and a trigger for altered states, consciousness exploration, and mind-soul axis elevation.

For more information, interviews, or photo requests, contact Edgar Gutierrez Mata at or 787.671.4067.

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