Neil – of Neil McGettigan and The Eleventh Hour – has drawn a lot of inspiration from artists like Fountains of Wayne, Colin Hay, and The Beatles (of course). He is very much drawn to power-pop, and most of his songs are in that style. He had a lot of fun writing this song. After […]

Music in the mainstream is frequently washed out and monotonous. It’s designed to appeal to the masses, hence with a simple formula. Shout London makes music that is just as catchy and accessible for the mainstream, but also deep and genuine. He writes songs that anyone can relate to and enjoy. On his latest single, […]

The brand new single, “You’re Doing It All Wrong” by the Kevin Land Band is authentic and organic, bouncy, witty, classic, and classy, all at the same time. A mixture of sharp songwriting and adventurous alt-pop and indie-rock production, is blended with memorable lyrics and melodies to collect most of the winning stylistic evolutions that […]

There are two things that Dan Ansell loves. One is music, and the other is water. Just exactly how these elements correlate and are perceived in his daily life is unbeknown to me. However, we do know that water and music do relate to each other rather a lot. The connection is extremely dependent on […]

Two Charuson has worked for three decades to hone his craft, learning a variety of instruments along the way in order to create his songs. Born in Thailand, he was schooled privately in the British countryside. This exposure to an alien culture represented an early culture shock, but it also opened up a new world […]

We all need breaks, especially after a rough year for everyone. Berblan wrote the song “Need A Break” because during her finals that had become her inspiration for this amazing song. It has a simple baseline but a catchy rhythm and tune, so feel free to sing along to this song. OFFICIAL LINKS: Instagram […]

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