Eye’z, the multifaceted and dynamic artist known for her genre-blending music and magnetic performances, has once again captivated the music world with her latest single, “Sugar.” With an enchanting fusion of pop, R&B, and soul influences, Eye’z creates a sonic tapestry that is both refreshing and familiar. Her smooth, honey-like voice, resonant and rich, guides […]

San Fransisco -Singer, Songwriter and Pianist, Eye’z sweetens the airwaves with her latest single ‘Sugar,’ releasing on March 1st, 2024, in the vibrant city of San Fransisco. The track, a delightful blend of smooth, sultry, and dance vibes, showcases Eye’z’ signature genre-defying style. With lyrics like “Honey Cherry Sugar, on me,” Eye’z paints a vivid picture […]

Two hundred and sixteen days after dropping his last EP, Luca Draccar decides to quench his fans’ thirst this March when he will be dropping his new EP, Sugar. Luca is an Italian electronic music artist based in Germany’s capital Berlin. He has been making music professionally for a couple of years now. His roots […]

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