DC Pryor ft. Mind Club – ‘44DD’ – a great blend of outstanding instrumental prowess

Written by on 5 November 2022

Coming from the 1990s, rock fusion project DC Pryor ft. Mind Club are here in 2022, to both inspire and kill the dreams of every computer-assisted bedroom musician with the single ‘44DD’, written and arranged by DC Pryor for Pryor 2 What? Records. The band who rose to fame in Northern California with the talents of DC Pryor (guitar), Creed Maggoria (drums), and Greg Williams (guitar), do not take long to set up the tone of this track, with a great blend of outstanding instrumental prowess and a powerfully driven beat. In terms of style, there is a level of genius to this work, that is almost uncharted in comparison to the current sterile scene.

On the surface, DC Pryor ft. Mind Club’s virtuosity make the likes of what we hear on mainstream radio, sound like amateur hour, but the unspoken layer of brilliance comes from their eye for detail and how they compose the music. Yes, the band’s penchant for harmonics, hammer-ons, pull-offs, shredding and slides – executed with the most deliciously ridiculous fluidity and precision has a captivating allure.

To the average layman the music sounds very dynamic, saturated in catchy earworm guitar grooves and thumping percussion, but to a musician who’s paying attention, DC Pryor ft. Mind Club are playing at a level that brings absolute awe on ‘44DD’. Listening to the track for the first time and hearing the bass slap technique and then the airtight precision and powerhouse grooves from the rhythm section. It’s truly inspiring and nostalgic stuff to say the least.

Once the biting guitars explode across the arrangement, the music takes on a voice of its own and transcends a lot of the instrumental genre clichés and issues associated with it. Mainly because, despite the technical quotients at play, DC Pryor ft. Mind Club keep the accessibility of ‘44DD’ at the forefront of the song. Hence, everything is contained within bursts of melodically memorable motifs, which form the harmonic foundation of the track.

The way the band works and connects each section of the song, serves as an incredible backbone for ‘44DD’, which slaps, bangs and grooves with thundering excitement. And on top of all that, the mix of melody and mayhem is blended to perfection. This is a song that impassions, and transcends genre-boxing with the technical abilities put on display. You simply turn it on, turn it up, and enjoy, and never for once think what musical style it belongs in.

Overall, ‘44DD’, flows very well, and besides being well written and arranged, it’s also extremely well produced. Technically gifted, with a very creative attitude – these guys show themselves to be worth gold on this single. The drumming is just as impressive as the guitars, laying down some exquisite drum grooves with ghost notes, and excellent cymbal work. There is a superlative blend of moving parts to unpack on this track which DC Pryor ft. Mind Club perform to perfection.


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