Neon Black Dreams – ‘Paradise Lost’ stands on its own, but is part of an emotional album!

Written by on 21 June 2022

Paradise Lost is the fifth single from Neon Black Dreams. After JJ was taken away at the end of Eternity, Yara is left to contemplate life without him. The song deals with loss, grief, and how to move forward in life. As she remembers everything they meant to each other and the future they still dream of achieving, she resigns herself to free him and be together regardless of the cost. This melancholic ballad provides hope even in the darkest of times. While Paradise may appear to be lost, it can always be found again.

Neon Black Dreams grabs your nostalgia and resurrects it. The band has rapidly exceeded 20k monthly listeners on Spotify, and continues to grow across all social media, with their unique blend of influences, that go from Madison Beer and Depeche Mode, to The Eurythmics and John Carpenter. They have just finished their first full-length album “Kiss of the Universe”.

The story being two souls forever destined to find each other through multiple lifetimes and destinies. The debut album is set in the late 80’s and details their thrilling and tragic story from Yara’s point of view. While each song is meant to stand on its own, the experience takes the listener through each chapter of this epic story creating a soundtrack to a truly emotional experience.


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