Apoxia: “Falling Fast” – unexpected sounds, rhythms and textures

Written by on 9 March 2017

From a very young age Zach aka Apoxia, has been obsessed with music. From his first (plastic) saxophone (when he was 2) to his first guitar and keyboard Zach has been creating music his whole life. He first learned to DJ in High School. It wasn’t until he was 18 that he discovered the joys of creating Electronic Music. It felt natural, especially with his background in music theory and piano. Over the years Zach has toyed around with several different monikers one of the more familiar being Barbarossa, which lasted through most of college until he changed it to Apoxia which is the name he goes by today.  Apoxia dabbles in various styles and has released his first 3 albums featuring styles such Trap, Future Bass, House and Electro. During January he released his fourth album entitled “Falling Fast”.

I doubt Apoxia has ever been interested in pandering to the mainstream channels of EDM music. At least this sentiment holds true on his latest release “Falling Fast”. This 8 track studio album is replete with unexpected sounds, rhythms and textures, and much more. On this recording Apoxia creates sonic soundscapes built of ethereal, almost cinematic electronic sounds and complex, epic instrumental edits.

That being said, Apoxia refuses to fade into the background as atmospheric o elevator instrumental music and refutes any single categorization under modern EDM. His sound is simply too unique to be lumped into a nondescript genre, though he can be accosted alongside Future Bass and Dubstep influences.

Apoxia is essentially creating a new genre, a kind of experimental atmospheric Future Bass on acid. With heart stopping drops and mesmerizing buildups and interludes, “Falling Fast” will have your brain waves grooving in new and melodic ways. This latest album is the exclamation point on Apoxia’s style, a glimmering and otherworldly sound that captures deep human emotions within robotically generated sounds.

The album deserves a complete play from beginning to end, as each track offers some new wrinkle or texture to Apoxia’s already tantalizing sound. For an appetizer, check out the track “True Villian”. This is a more classically Dubstep-styled song, with soaring synths that give way to powerful bass drops, complemented by hypnotic string arrangements.

“Every Day” follows a similar energetic blueprint but is completely different sounding. My favorite songs, however, are the slower, richer and warmer ones, such as the title track “Falling Fast”, “What a Mess”, “Time Dilation” and “You”. I’ve been bumping these tracks ever since I first heard this album.

I really can’t say enough about this latest Apoxia production. Check out the dynamic musical arrangements on harder-hitting upbeat tracks such as “The James” and “Missing Summer”. EDM fans will love his unique and almost experimental approach and eagerly and insatiably comb through every Apoxia track ever recorded, according to me.  With “Falling Fast”, Apoxia proves not only his mastery of music, but of sound itself.


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