Producer Just Doug, is known for his unique style that combines elements of bass music, trap, hip-hop and dubstep, as well experimental electronic flavors. He is also notorious for his creative use of rhythms and complex sound design, as well as his incorporation of various cultural and musical influences into his music. Additionally, he delivers […]

Sometimes darkness leads you to the light. My name is Atrophate. My journey started when I was 14, and all I could think of doing with my life was to make music. This thing kept me alive throughout bullying, the passing of close ones, depression, madness, and isolation. Even after many hardships, I’ve always wanted […]

American producer KOLEKLEIN unveils massive debut single FEMBOT. This release features a cyber twist and colossal sound that brings a new unique fusion of Dubstep and Tearout to the festival scene. FEMBOT encapsulates a near future technology that has been merged with a human female ultimately going rogue and removing her free will. The debut […]

From a very young age Zach aka Apoxia, has been obsessed with music. From his first (plastic) saxophone (when he was 2) to his first guitar and keyboard Zach has been creating music his whole life. He first learned to DJ in High School. It wasn’t until he was 18 that he discovered the joys […]

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