Anirish: ‘Take What You Want’ saturates the airwaves!

Written by on 26 October 2017

Rousing. Mesmerizing. Narcotic. The music of talented songstress, Anirish, is positively infectious and her skills as a songwriter and vocalist shine through in the popular electronic dance music she creates. Working up to the release of her highly anticipated studio EP, set for a late November 2017 release, Anirish drops her official debut single ‘Take What You Want’. Brooklyn’s Anirish is as immaculate in appearance as she is as a performer. With an image evoking the prowl of a wild cat and the gloss of a high-fashion model, she commands attention when she steps into the microphone. As a singer/songwriter, her haunting voice and impressive writing style put her at the forefront, alongside some of the world’s leading EDM and Pop vocalists.

‘Take What You Want’ is lushly intoxicating from the outset, so poignant are the synth chords and warm pads. Just as the listener becomes fully seduced by that into melody, Anirish lays down a superbly banging drum beat and a bouncy, quivering bassline that’s dripping in groove.

The forward-driving percussion quickly sets the stage for Anirish’s imposing vocals, and off she goes. Her voice is in a more resonant register than is found in abundance on saccharine-sweet songs so prevalent in EDM today, and she can hit the higher notes with aplomb in the anthemic choruses.

On the surface, single ‘Take What You Want’ can be construed as an empowering, romantic crossover pop and dance anthem, and savvy festival-goers will respond to the inevitable peak-time remixes that are likely to ensue.

The track is a relatable dance tune replete with the requisite enormous builds and drops that, when eventually remixed into a club edit, will have entire festival fields jumping in unison. She harmoniously implements melodic keyboard play, and diverse beat work to color a canvas that fosters an enhanced listener experience – simultaneous enjoyment and genuine producer appreciation.

The skilled Brooklyn-based up-and-comer is getting ready to play a major role in both the pop and EDM realms, so there’s no telling what sort of opportunities lie ahead for her. She is clearly aiming to be the best possible artist she can be, and if her debut single as a solo artist is any indication, Anirish’s presence will be a given.

‘Take What You Want’ saturates the airwaves and then as nimbly as it appeared, vanishes on a wisp of breath. There can be no doubt that Anirish knocked this effort out of the ballpark.


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