Chance The Closer: “Outta Your Fkn Mind”

Written by on 23 January 2019

Whether you love or hate the musical direction EDM is currently taking, the single “Outta Your Fkn Mind”, which precedes the “Little Big Moves” album by Chance The Closer, just sounds good, and shows how superb dance music can still be made. Chance did an expert job in the studio, and the basslines and percussion are outstanding. What appeals most to me is the blend of dance, funk and electronica that results in great music to dance, work, drive or chill to. The blend of instruments, beats and voices, fit into in a warm familiar sound with all the catchiness of the electronic effects and pop hooks. It works flawlessly as listening music or a party rocker.

Between the robotic techno of “Take My BASS”, the powerful funky momentum of “Outta Your Fkn Mind”, as well as the syncopated beat and cutely orchestrated whistling motif on “Cranium”, the lush, gorgeous sounds churned out by Chance The Closer are just stunning.

The single “Outta Your Fkn Mind”, written after living through an abusive situation, is a scrumptious taste of updated 70s disco-funk alla Daft Punk. This is what you’d call intelligent music that is well thought out – it grasps from the past and points to the future. It’s full of quality goodness. I particularly love the percussion parts all the way through.

It really glues the instrumentation together. The bass track is impeccably played, groove-rich, and forces you to move. The vocals are robotic, hence they have that ominous and mesmerizing effect, working perfectly together with the chimy synth parts. It’s literally full of infectious sounds with a well-engineered mix and vocals that provide an odd yet unique musical adventure.

Chance The Closer has an all-round infectious and eclectic set of songs in his catalog. Every track tells a different story, and the music is constructed in such a way as to perfectly deliver each message while remaining incredibly catchy. Pick any song in his set and it sounds a lot like the best dance music from back in the club days when the beat and melody were so perfect you could dance all night and not even feel it.

Really, Chance’s electronic music is so solid that I found myself hitting the replay button on a couple of favorites and listened to it over and over. I haven’t gotten bored with hearing it on repeat yet, which is pretty amazing for me.

A part of that magic has to do with the production which is insanely crisp. Chance The Closer spends a lot of time creating the perfect bassline and drumbeat in his tracks, which is really what gets your backside moving on the floor.

Most of today’s up and coming producers concentrate on their keyboard sounds, and vocal hooks in the chorus, to charm audiences, but almost totally ignore the importance of having a perfect ass-moving bassline that glues itself to a foot stomping drumbeat. Checkout how Chance The Closer, perfects this formula on “Outta Your Fkn Mind”, as well as “The Frequency Of Funky”.

Chance The Closer seems clearly more interested in wearing out the dancefloors, than he is with climbing up the radio pop charts. There’s no doubt in my mind that the album, “Little Big Moves” will serve to solidify the already rarified air surrounding Chance The Closer right now. In the meantime turn up the volume and ride with “Outta Your Fkn Mind”!

MORE ABOUT: Born in St. Louis, MO to JoAnne & Philip Moore, Chance was raised all over the country as his parents attended school and worked full time. He went to high school in Glen Allen, Virginia and was in several of the schools theatrical productions. At eighteen he moved to Chicago where he attended Columbia College and went onto graduate with an honors BA. A year after graduating he moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his career. After spending seven years in Los Angeles and multiple television appearances he fell in love with what he calls – “an abusive monster”. Fleeing Los Angeles to escape her grasp, he bought 82 acres in Silverton Oregon and started a winery with his family but he didn’t truly discover his voice until he attended EDC in Las Vegas.


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